October 14, 2009

IWG Report 2009

Independent Working Group Report: Missile Defense, the Space Relationship, and the Twenty-First Century.  


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Country:  Israel
Alternate Name:  Have Lite
Class:  ALCM
Target:  Land
Length:  4.25 m
Diameter:  0.53 m
Launch Weight:  1135.00 kg
Payload:  350 kg HE, fragmentation; 352 kg HE, penetration
Propulsion:  Solid
Range:  75.00 km
Guidance:  INS, datalink, GPS, TV, IIR
Status:  Operational


The Popeye-2 “Have Lite” is a short-range, television or imaging infrared-guided, air-to-surface cruise missile developed and manufactured by Israel. It is a smaller variant of the AGM-142 Popeye-1 “Have Nap” air-to-surface cruise missile.


Rafael Armament Development Authority began the development of the AGM-142 Popeye-1 in the early 1980s with the intention of providing the Israeli armed forces with a television-guided weapon for use against high-value ground targets such as airfields, bridges, and bunkers. Television imaging, otherwise known as electro-optical imaging, is a navigation system in which an electro-optical seeker scans a designated area. Once a target is acquired, the missile will lock on to it for the kill. TV imaging does not depend on a target’s heat signature, and thus can be used against low-heat targets.


The Popeye-2 “Have Lite” is similar to the Popeye-1 in configuration. By reducing its motor length and deploying a lighter but improved computer and other navigation and control systems, the overall weight of the missile has been reduced. The “Have Lite” is 4.25 m in length, 0.52 m in body diameter, and has a launch weight of 1,135 kg. Similar to later versions of the AGM-142 Popeye-1 “Have Nap,” the missile can carry either a 350 kg high explosive fragmentation warhead or an improved 352 high explosive penetration warhead capable of destroying hardened targets. The missile is powered by a solid propellant motor, and has a maximum range of 75 km.


In 1994, Israel tested the Popeye-2 “Have Lite” from an Israeli Air Force (IAF) F-16 Fighting Falcon, and the missile entered service the following year. It is currently deployed on F-16 and F/A-18 aircraft, each of which can carry two missiles. The Popeye-2 has been exported to Australia, Turkey, South Korea, Greece, and is produced under license in the U.S. by a joint venture company known as Precision Guided Systems United States (PGSUS).(1)







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