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Q: When can I read Mark’s columns and other writing each week?


A: Mark's Song Of The Week is posted every Monday morning. His "Happy Warrior" column from National Review is posted every other Tuesday morning. You can usually find either a movie column or obituary or other arts feature on Wednesday mornings. Every Saturday morning we post Mark's weekend political column, which can also be read in the print edition of The Orange County Register in California, The Washington Timesthe Philadelphia Bulletin, and various other publications all the way to Hawke's Bay Today in New Zealand. Mark's pieces for The New Criterion and other publications are linked here as they’re posted at their respective websites.


Q: What other features appear regularly on the site?


A: Mark's Request Of The Week is posted every Thursday morning. Mark's Mailbox and Mailbox Extra each appear once per week. We usually link to a transcript of Mark's appearance on The Hugh Hewitt Show every Friday morning, and on Sunday we post a column from One, Five or Ten Years Ago. In addition, Mark's daily contributions to National Review's Corner are flagged on the home page, as are shorter items from Steynposts.


Q: How do you pronounce Mark’s name – Stine, Stain or Steen?


A: Mark Stain would be tautological. It’s Stine. The internal rhyme in SteynOnline is an easy way to remember.


Q: What is Mark?


A: Straight.


Q: I meant his nationality.


A: Canadian.


Q: Also his religion.


A: Mark is of Jewish descent, but was baptized a Catholic, confirmed an Anglican, and currently attends a small rural American Baptist Church. As John Podhoretz of The New York Post said, “You’re not Jewish or gay? But you wrote a book on musicals?”


Q: Where does he live?


A: He spends most of his time holed up in the hills of New Hampshire – though, after his last trip there, he’s thinking of buying a vacation home in western Iraq. Very reasonable prices.


Q: What did he do before column writing?


A: Mark started as a disc-jockey, and still likes to keep his hand in when the opportunity presents. He’s played country, classical, rock, easy listening over the years. He’s also hosted many other kinds of radio and TV shows, from a BBC talk-show from New York to the live Glyndebourne opera broadcasts on Britain’s Channel 4, and various arts documentaries which still turn up on obscure cable channels at four in the morning. These days he is a popular guest host for Rush Limbaugh on the radio and for Sean Hannity on Fox News.


Q: What does he like to do when he’s not writing?


A: Dogsledding.


Q: Is he available?


A: Happily married, with three young children. Would you like to see pictures?


Q: No.


A: Sure?


Q: Yes.


A: Wait a minute, how did the Qs wind up doing the answers and the As doing the questions?


Q: Beats me.


A: There you go again.

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By popular request: The book of the Song Of The Week!



From Auld Lang Syne to White Christmas via My Funny Valentine, Easter Parade, Summertime, Autumn Leaves - plus songs for St Patrick's Day, baseball season, Father's Day, Halloween, and never before published essays on Ain't Misbehavin', Loch Lomond and more:
A musical year with Mark!

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