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Fashion House Slava Zaitsev

Moscow, Проспект Мира, 21

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Slava Zaitsev

The talents of Viacheslav Zaizev are versatile. Among them are design, painting, and poetry, all of which became the basis for his future carrier.


In 1956 Zaizev graduated as an A-student from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Ivanowsk, Russia. Later on he became increasingly more interested in manufacturing and received the credentials to be a textile painter. It was only then that he realized that working with materials is his dream and, as a result, attended and successfully graduated from the Moscow Textile Institute.


However, Viacheslav Zaizev was not satisfied and wanted to achieve even more.  Consequently, he authored two books: "What A Changeable Fashion" and "This Multifaceted World of Fashion."  In the same year Mr. Zaizev also designed and proposed a collection of costumes for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games and won the bid.


With every year the name of Viacheslav Zaizev grew more famous. In 1982 he became the head of the Fashion House and only six years later became its president.


In 1991 the couturier created a uniform for the police workers in Russia and received the rank of an Honored Worker in the Field of the Arts.


In 1994 Zaizev became the first person in the history of Russian fashion to hold a competition among young designers and is now the head of many such competitions including "Exzersise" (for professors and students of sewing colleges), "Zolotaya Igla" (Russian association of children's creative fashion groups) and the "Barhatnie Sezoni V Sochi" festival.

Today, Viacheslav Zaizev’s name is recognizable not just in the fashion industry, but also in other facets of Russian life. He is now the president of the Fashion House, a member of the Writers Union of the Russian Federation, an Honored Worker in the Field of the Arts, winner of the Government Aword, as well as the holder of various other merits in his native Russia. In addition, Zaizev is now recognized as the “figure of the year” in the world of fashion.  At the "Five Best Designers in the World" festival in Japan, his collection was awarded first place.



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