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Interview with E3 Model Lisa Gleave


Lisa Fact File


Name: Lisa Gleave
DOB: Scorpio
Birthplace: Austrailia
Nationality: Australian
Turn-Ons: Brunettes, nice smiles, Men's cologne, intellectual conversations.
Turn-Offs: People who run late!!!!
Web Page: (Hope to have one sometime soon) for now

E-Mail: Please foward all emails to


Right after the 2003 E3, I was fortunate to have Lisa Gleave allow me to do an interview with her.  This Australian born super girl has been taking home the Best of Show Award every year she's attended E3, (yes that means that Lisa won Best Booth Girl for 2003).  Lisa can also be seen on Late 2002 and early 2003 episodes of the Price is Right as a Showcase Showgirl, as well as featured on the cover of the June issue of IronMan Magazine.  This year Lisa once again reprises her role as Tina for Tecmo fan favorite, Dead or Alive.  It was indeed a great honor for me to interview both Lisa and Candace and a special thanks must go out to Candace Kita, (pictured below center) from for making all the arrangements. 



Lisa Gleave         Candace Kita          Aimee Bothwell




Q. This must be 3 years in a row you've worked for Tecmo as a model sponsoring Dead or Alive. Were you a model for E3 prior to working for Tecmo?

A. Yes that is correct.... I feel like I'm part of the Tecmo family now!  I think I'll be a part of their team for as long as they want me, Tecmo has been an awesome company to work for.   No I wasn't a model for E3 prior to working for Tecmo. I have only been in the states long enough to have been lucky to work the last 3 years for E3, I moved to the states in 2000 from Oz, & like any other event I'm involved in I had to do the gruelling audition process. My agent 'Patrick talent Agency' sent me in & I remember when I went in for my audition the guy at the reception of Tecmo said I kinda looked like "Tina" (one of the characters from the DOA game they were casting for) ~ Wolla ~ I got booked.  Thanks Patrick Talent!!  Thanks Tecmo!!

Q. Last year I heard you and the other models from Tecmo did several tours to promote the game. Where did you all go and what do you think was the best part of the tours?

A. Well Tecmo has a handful of beautiful models that portray different characters from the DOA game & I was portraying "Tina".  Some of us did solo tours & then some together.  I was lucky enough to travel to New York for a microsoft event for the launch of the x-box & for the opening of the huge toy store in Times Square ~ & yes, I got to meet 'the man' Bill Gates & yes, I was in my "Tina" costume!!  It was quite funny actually, it was kind of chilly & there I was walking around in cowgirl boots, hotpants & a bustier!!  It was great though, it was my first time to the big apple so I was like a little kid in a candy store with all the sights.  I also did a tour with Camille Anderson (portraying Helena from DOA) at Universal City & also a tour in sunny San Diego with Candace Kita & Amy Bothwell.  The tour in San Diego was for a group of microsoft buyers from different regions of retail & was literally a day of fun in the sun, we played beach volleyball with the buyers all day.  I must say, not all my modeling days are as easy as that!!


Q. Do you have any great memorable experiences from doing E3?

A. Each year for me at E3 has been memorable as each year Tecmo has offered different & exciting levels of entertainment.  This year we blew the fans away with an exciting DOA fashion show, & to the best of my knowledge, the convention management cut off the audio system....on the last day with our last show ~ so needless to say we went out with a bang!!  Apparently our booth was too loud.....really we were just too popular!!


Q. I hate to bring this up, but I noticed this year at Tecmo the girls had a lot of problems with people trying to take inappropriate pictures or trying to grab you.  Have you ever had a problem with fans at the convention?

A. Their fans what can I say!!  Each year the fan response has been wild, if it weren't for them it wouldn't be as much fun.  It never ceases to amaze me at how many people just kept lining up at our booth, & I have to admit the fans sometimes get a little crazy, but they wait all year to attend the E3 event & I hear tickets aren't cheap!!  So I'm thankful we do get a great amount of support, Tecmo also provide great security for us girls for those crazy fans who do love to let the hands wander a little while they have their pictures taken with us.  I have had guys who have tried to grab my butt, it's funny though, they'll either do it in such a crued way or they'll be discreet about it & slowly slide their hand onto my behind.  I grab their hand tightly, move it, smile at them & say 'do that again & I'll have to do some Tina kicks on you'.  Most of them are so shy & nervous, their very apologetic though.  Some fans also are so lost for words they can't stop shaking.  It's ok guys we don't bite!! 


Q. I know all the E3 fans are dying to know if you have actually played any of the games you've promoted.  As well as if you have a favorite game of all time?

A. Well, for all those die hard E3 fans, yes I have.  My favorite of course is DOA, I love that game!  I got to play it quite alot during my tours for Tecmo/Microsoft.  I challenged some of the fans in New York & also at Universal City.  Of course I sucked at first, but after plenty of practice I was
eventually kicking some serious butt!  It was funny though, I never really knew what buttons to press for each action, so I was kind of pushing them all at once & all over the worked!


Q. Once you walk into the convention with everything blaring & everyone moving, do you ever catch yourself absorbing some of the excitement?  I mean a big convention surrounded by a thousand viewers sure is different than a photo shoot.

A. My first year of E3 (2001) I was working with Candice Kita who was portraying the character of Lei Fang (DOA) we were having pictures taken with the fans, & Candice & I were both overwhelmed with the non-stop lines that were literally out the doors of the convention centre. That year for me was probably the most exhilarating of the 3 years of being with Tecmo, my head was spinning sooooo much with all the energy of the show & fans.  In some ways working a convention is similar to a photo shoot, believe it or not!  Whether I'm in a room with 5 or so people or as apposed to a thousand viewers,  I'm still working & have to make sure I'm always switched on.  My energy levels are needed for both jobs & always give 110%, no matter how big the crowd.



Besides doing the Dead or Alive Fashion Show this year, Lisa also played as a pixie promoting Tecmo's Monster Rancher 4 for the Playstation 2


Who's that Cowgirl?  This makes Lisa's 3rd year playing Tina from Tecmo's Dead or Alive series.  In the fashion show, Lisa has a total of 3 costumes, including the cowgirl suit you see here.





The girls at Tecmo were so hot that overwhelming crowds of fans made the convention management cut the music and try to shut the booth down the last day of E3.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that this doesn't mean the girls can't come back next year.



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