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Daley Says Mentorship, Parents Can Stem Youth Violence

As Harold Washington Library displayed its new teen media center, Mayor Richard M. Daley focused on ways to stem the rash of youth violence the city has experienced in recent weeks, Chicago Breaking News reports. The library's new YOUmedia lets teenagers edit music and video projects on computers. A program like this teaches marketable skills and provides a "safe place" and an alternative to hanging out on the streets, Daley said.

The CTA continued its jostling yesterday by electing a new chairman of the board. Former CHA chief Terry Peterson will fill the spot vacated a month ago by Carole Brown.

Daley Upbeat in Spite of Olympic Loss

In his first local press conference since Chicago lost its bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, Mayor Richard Daley declared that he would pay no political price for the loss, "none whatsoever." “You wrote my obituary, didn’t you? Some of you have, I guess,” the mayor told the press. “I don’t know why you already put me in the grave,” he said. “I know you’re all planning on it, don’t worry,” he said, after asking that we at least run a nice picture of him.

Olympocalypse: What Went Wrong?

Losing the 2016 Summer Olympic bid was shocking enough to many Chicagoans; coming in last place was a blow to the ego of a city with a chip on its big shoulders. After two years of wrangling, six months of hype, arm-twisting in the city council and literally millions of dollars in private contributions to pull the bid off, Mayor Daley is coming back to Chicago empty handed, and many people (including those inside City Hall) are asking what went wrong.

This just in! Exclusive footage of Mayor Daley just after the announcement!

No Olympics, So Now What?

The news hit Chicago hard today, as the IOC announced that the City by the Lake would not be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics. Even more shocking, the city did not make it past the first round of voting. Mayor Daley's admonitions that the games are the best economic engine that the city has will be tested in the coming years, and an increasingly frustrated and angry electorate will be looking for leadership out of the financial and political swamp they've been dragged into.

Were Daley's Comments a Breach of Ethics?

Brazil's Olympic promoters are fanning the flames of comments made last week by Mayor Daley regarding the competition between cities to host the 2016 Games. Daley minimized the odds of Tokyo and Madrid, based on geography, and dismissed Rio's bid chances in light of their hosting the World Cup in 2014. When asked last week if Rio hosting the World Cup would help it's bid for the 2016 Games, Daley said ``I don't think so. The World Cup is completely different than the Olympics,'' adding. ``that's all soccer stadiums, it's completely different. They don't have all the other events there that we have.'' The IOC prohibits bid cities from criticizing rivals.

Mayor Daley Says Not to Worry About Olympic Costs

Mayor Daley spent a little quality time with our favorite City Hall reporter, Fran Spielman from the Sun-Times, to reassure jittery Chicagoans that they won't have to worry about having to foot the bill for the IOC's summer sports extravaganza, should Chicago get the 2016 Summer Games. “They have been very, very fiscally responsible in regards to their presentation. I really believe that. Unless … ,” Daley told Spielman, before ominously leaving his sentence unfinished. “An earthquake or something or a tornado,” he responded when pressed for an answer.

Hope-enhagen: How Obama's Decision Affects Mayor Daley

Mayor Daley's pilgrimage to the south lawn of the White House Wednesday appeared to clear up what has been the subject of much speculation of late: will Obama be going to Copenhagen? The answer: no. That's bad news for Mayor Daley; while it's still plausible that Chicago will get the games (or that the always politically shrewd Barack Obama will show up in Copenhagen anyway) without the American president, and potentially millions of federal dollars in security, logistics and infrastructure, Rio's bid is looking especially attractive.

Mayor Daley To D.C.: Gimme Some More

Not content with the $1 billion-plus the city has already received in federal stimulus funding, Mayor Daley is appealing to President Obama for even more cash. $800 million more, to be exact. Said Da Mayor, "This is not pork barrel. This is not wasted money. This is all about the future of this country." According to the Tribune:

The Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization will file suit against the City of Chicago today, alleging that the deal inked with Morgan Stanley to lease the city's parking meters for the next 75 years is illegal. According to a press release the organization will make copies of the suit public at a 10:30 a.m. press conference. The organization is working with Clint Krislov, of Krislov & Associates, Ltd.

Mayor Daley's Big Exciting Week

It's been quite a week for Mayor Daley's favorite change jar: TIFs. The city's new TIF sunshine ordinance went into effect on Saturday (the website that's supposed to list all of the information sucks, oddly enough), the mayor announced that the city will cough up $25 million to help relocated United Airlines into what used to be named the Sears Tower, and Chicago will create a TIF to help build the proposed Olympic Village. Whew! That's a lot of hot TIF action for only seven days.

City: 2010 Budget Will be Worse

Chicago's Chief Financial Officer Gene Saffold is predicting that the city's budget hole will be worse next year. This is after the city burns through a new $320 million "rainy day fund" created from the parking meter lease. Saffold predicted a deficit of upwards of half a billion dollars next year, citing declining tax revenue and increased wages, compared against a projected budget of $6 billion. (Is this the first time the city has engaged in long-range financial planning? Publicly, at least?) While raising taxes is a last resort, according to Saffold, "nothing is ruled out at this point," Saffold told the Tribune. "The mayor has instructed us not to look at property taxes as we move forward in 2010."

Ald. Tunney Asks If City Should Set Aside Contracts for Gay Owned Businesses

Later Tunney acknowledged that there isn’t a consensus in the LGBT community whether to pursue a special category as a qualified minority. He told the Sun-Times:

As the city looks hard to close a budget hole of more than $300 million, Mayor Daley is announcing plans to furlough more than 2,000 non-union employees in the park district, the public schools, the city colleges, the Chicago Housing Authority, the Public Buildings Commission and the CTA. The unpaid days are expected to save the city $18 million. "We must continue to demand more from every employee and do more with less," Daley said at a press conference Tuesday. The bulk of the cuts will happen at the management level, affecting those earning around $90,000 a year or more. "Those savings demonstrate that we, starting at the top levels of governments in Chicago, understand the need to be part of the solution during these very, very difficult times," he said. Last month city hall laid off more than 400 city workers, after they refused to take overtime reductions and 15 unpiad furlough days.

Daley Drops the Hammer on City Workers

As the deadline passed for two holdout unions to agree to concessions with the City of Chicago, the Mayor announced over 400 layoffs of city workers Wednesday. "I don't want to lay anyone off. It could have been avoided," Daley said Wednesday. "I feel for the members and of course their families." Referring to the truck drivers, library and public health and safety employees that were laid off, he said that Teamsters Local 726 and AFSCME Council 31 "have failed to reach an agreement with the city to take unpaid furlough days for the rest of the year to help us address our budget deficit and of course save our taxpayers money."

Streets and San Gives the Guys a Break

While Laborers Union Local 1001 was one of the city unions that agreed to concessions as part of Mayor Daley's master plan to save the budget, the city did give one concession to Streets and Sanitation workers, without even being asked by the union. With Newly appointed Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Tom Byrne has implemented a disciplinary amnesty. In a department where nearly one third of the workforce is absent. Every day.

AFSCME Issues Statement Regarding Union Layoffs

Council 31 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees has issued a statement in regards to the impending city job cuts coming from the Daley administration as a result of that union's refusal to make concessions with City Hall.

Chicago to Sic Bill Collectors on Citizenry

The City of Chicago is strapped for cash. Some would argue that we're on the verge of bankruptcy. Layoffs, budget cuts and asset sales? Those are all on the table, if they haven't been tried already. But Mayor Daley is ready to throw down the gauntlet on people that shirk their responsibility to pay traffic tickets, municipal utility bills and other debts owed to the City that Works. Daley announced yesterday that the city plans to outsource its debt collection to, well, debt collectors. "We escalated it in the '90s...We've been doing this for 15 to 20 years," Daley told the Tribune. "People refuse to pay...they say it's too much," the mayor said, adding "it's hard, to be very frank. Some went bankrupt, some you can't find, some are just refusing to pay...this is nothing new."

New Online Tool Brings Transparency To City Payments

We were excited to learn that EveryBlock co-founder Daniel X. O'Neil was working with Harper Reed of Threadless fame to develop a new online gadget - but it's not the hyper-local t-shirt you might immediately presume (pretty please?). Instead, the pair produced a new city government transparency toy: CityPayments. And it's likely to be all the rage among us reporters as it gathers momentum. But what does it do? And why do we care?

Aldermen Call For More Olympic Transparency

In a rare moment of aldermanic clarity, it seems some members of the city council don't believe what they're being told about the city's Olympic bid. Led by 1st Ward Alderman Manny Flores, a group of aldermen are asking for an independent third-party auditor to look through the city's bid book for potential cost overruns. "It is critically important that we pursue the bid in a financially responsible manner and also in a manner where we provide full transparency for the city of Chicago, and fully vetting and evaluating the merits of the Games," Flores told CBS2. "That's what the residents of the city want," Flores said. "They want the assurance they're not going to be put on the hook long term."

Daley Replaces Streets and San Boss

In a move to tackle poor supervision and excessive spending, Mayor Daley rearranged his cabinet yesterday, removing Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Michael Picardi and replacing him with Thomas Byrne, who is currently head of the city's Transportation Department. Picardi, who has been the Streets and San boss since 2005, was criticized after the city inspector general dinged Picardi for lax field supervision, after investigators witnessed garbage crews taking long lunches, drinking beer on the job and urinating in the streets last fall.

Dumke, Hinz Sum up the State of the City

In a column run yesterday on Crain's Taking Names blog, Greg Hinz pretty much summed up the mess Mayor Daley is returning to here in the City by the Lake.

Today In Tech Glitches: Playing the Feud

Far be it for us - of all sites - to pick on another site for a tech glitch. That's not what we're doing here, promise. We're routinely chasing the goats out of the tech closet where they've been chewing wires and causing general havoc for us. But when we just stumbled across this mix-up on the Sun-Times, juxtaposing the upcoming Sox-Cubs series with a brewing Daley family feud seemed almost...appropriate? A picture of Daley and nephew Robert Vanecko with text that talks about short-term memory issues...Are we way off or are we on to something here? Just wondering...

As 1,500 city workers await threatened pink slips, Mayor Daley (before he heads to Switzerland) met with union leaders to try to hash out some sort of compromise. Chicago Federation of Labor President Dennis Gannon said, "We may take a tough hit, and we probably are at the end of the day, but we want to get our arms around this as best we possibly can to make sure we minimize the amount of layoffs." [Trib's Clout Street]

Alderman Covers Artist's Bridgeport Mural Painted on Private Property

Artists beware. If you plan to paint anything on your own property that depicts even the slightest vestige of the Chicago Police Department, you run the risk of being brown-washed. At least that’s what happened to well-known Chicago artist and muralist Gabriel Villa Thursday. He received a call that a large-scale, outdoor mural he had been painting in Bridgeport for two weeks had been covered in brown paint - at the insistence of 11th Ward Alderman James Balcer.

Daley Won't Let Chicago Get The Shaft

Mayor Daley announced this afternoon that he will hire outside elevator inspectors to relieve the backlog for the city elevator inspectors, after the Chicago Tribune reported that nearly 70 percent of the city's elevators have not been inspected in the last year, even though laws require annual inspection. The Tribune article also said that the city does not keep records on whether or not an elevator has been brought back up to code after failing an inspection.

Daley Gives Quinn Thumbs Up, WalMart Thumbs Down

Mayor Daley put on his judging pants yesterday and spoke out about a few things, though none of it was like Shakespeare. First, he took to the defense of our new governor, Pat Quinn. During a recording of WLS' "Connected to Chicago," set to air Sunday afternoon, Daley said of Quinn:

Daley Introduces "Talk Like Shakespeare Day"

Maybe we've been wrong. Maybe every time Mayor Daley rambles on in seemingly incoherent phrases of jumbled words, he's really speaking in iambic pentameter. Or sonnets! It wouldn't be the first time someone has suggested Daley is a poet.

Four South Side mental health clinics will reopen their doors to patients on Monday after Mayor Daley granted a temporary amnesty from closing last week Tuesday.

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