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Academic Themes

Under DCUís strategic plan Leading Change (2000) six Academic Themes were created. In a higher education environment in which increasing emphasis has been placed upon interdisciplinary learning and research, the Themes were designed to provide the framework for collaboration across Faculties and disciplines, for investment in strategic initiatives, and for developing strategic external partnerships. They provide a window from the external world into the work of the university.

The Academic Themes are as follows:

  • Business and Innovation
  • Internationalisation, Interculturalism and Social Development
  • Science, Discovery and Technological Innovation
  • Information Technology and the Knowledge Society
  • Education and Learning
  • Life Sciences and Health in Society

Over recent years the Academic Themes have underpinned DCUís successful initiatives funded under the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI) and Science Foundation Ireland.

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