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Figure skater Miki Ando rumored to be in love with 3-time divorcee coach

Miki Ando and her coach, Nikolai Morozov

Figure skater Miki Ando rumored to be in love with 3-time divorcee coach


The foreign-looking man was seen in the evening on the 7th floor balcony of an apartment complex, preparing to start a barbecue. The smiling woman who looked out the window every so often was figure skater Miki Ando, 21. According to a resident, the apartment is leased to Belarusian Nikolai Morozov, 33, who has been coaching Ando since the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

The following day, a young girl came out to the balcony with Ando, hand in hand. Morozov has been married three times, all to figure skaters, and the girl was believed to be the daughter from his second marriage. 

Since Morozov became her coach, Ando’s skating style has evolved from a performance of outstanding technical skills to one with more artistic and expressive qualities. After confirming Ando’s stay at her coach’s apartment that lasted several days, Shukan Post interviewed apartment residents about the couple, all of whom acknowledged that their intimacy was a known fact.

In reply to Shukan Post’s questions during her skating practice, Ando affirmed that both she and her coach live in the same building but not in the same apartment. To the statement that she was seen on the balcony with Morozov’s daughter, the flustered ice skater demanded that further questions go to her agent. Morozov came to her rescue shouting “No pictures!” to Shukan Post reporters.

Ando’s former coach Nobuo Sato comments that their relationship is no one’s business, so long as there are positive results on the ice. The public will know the answer to that at the Vancouver Olympics. 

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  • LoveUSA at 10:50 AM JST - 22nd September

    Why does the man being handsome by your standards make him the only reason she should married him. Why does it matter for Miki's happiness. Is the fact he married 3times at the age of 33 means nothing.

    If she likes him, she found something atractive in him.

  • dolphingirl at 04:23 PM JST - 22nd September

    If it's true love, then great for them! The fact that he has been divorced 3 times could be seen either as a good or bad thing. If he has learned something from his past relationships and why they didn't work out then it's possible that he is wiser for it. However, if this just indicates a pattern of failure on his part and he hasn't grown or changed, then I would approach with caution if I were her.

  • oberst at 09:00 PM JST - 22nd September

    24 hrs " practice "..........of course she gets better.. hahahhaa

  • Blue_Tiger at 11:59 PM JST - 22nd September

    Don't do it, Miki! You are better than this!!!!

  • alphawolf at 01:09 AM JST - 23rd September

    I'd never have (not that shed care one bit for me) anything to do with a girl that would have relations with a man who was divorced 2x or more and had children. I am picky about taking leftovers and like to know who my girlfriend has been shagging. If I don't like him or think he is a dumb choice, I figure she'll go out with anyone and won't want her.


  • alphawolf at 02:07 AM JST - 23rd September

    There are a lot of tramps that don't care for about a mans history. I know a lot of women that only go out with guys who are married, some kind of power trip or something. Ando seems like this type. She is delusional if she thinks this guy really loves her and that this love is "different" from his past loves.. looser.. both of them. Women are suckers and no one knows this better than bartenders and guys in a band.


  • LoveUSA at 03:46 PM JST - 23rd September

    you are so harsh on the guy, maybe he was 3 times unlucky in his love life. Maybe Miki will make him happy and they have found their soulmate in each other.

  • isthistheend at 06:30 PM JST - 23rd September

    Maybe, yeah, maybe. Or maybe he'll love her till she passes 26 and then pick up on his next cherry in the bowl. Life is a bowl of cherries never had more meaning. I mean COME ON! 3 times with 3 different figure skaters, all probably lovely and young like the 21-year old Ando. Fool me once and shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, who is the shame on. A fourth time and.....seems like there should be a song about this, or maybe there already has, "Senior Blues"

  • northlondon at 10:55 PM JST - 23rd September

    Do Shukan Post (and Japan Today) really believe that we are all so naive and gossip-starved ? A figure skater is spotted holding hands with the child of her figure skating coach and so that must confirm that he is definitely banging her ? The figure skater and her coach deal sharply with the immaturity of the questioning which must really mean that she has fallen head over heels in love with him ? Grow up everyone and go and read a good novel instead of this unconfirmed drivel.

  • isthistheend at 07:31 AM JST - 24th September

    Northlondon, what if its true? It makes news because it concerns a very nationally recognized skater at the peak of her form. And Japanese care about their stars and are especially nosy/over/unfairly protective concerning their female stars, or haven't you noticed? Thirdly, Japanese girls are hungry for a relationship that is shall we say, different than "the norm". Spotting the two together day and night, with all that work inbetween does make one ponder, perhaps even to the extent of the report that somethings up between them. Kumiko Goto and the race driver, Arimori and the gay marriage, and now this. What is the world coming to?

  • isthistheend at 07:34 AM JST - 24th September

    And you disregard one very important detail. The 33 year old has already taken the vow 3 times. That's an average marriage life of 4 years. No cause for concern or interest if you care about the lady?

  • Potsu at 09:17 AM JST - 24th September

    Why so many threads on this ?? Laughable.

  • isthistheend at 05:57 PM JST - 24th September

    Because she's beautiful and talented, why else?

  • Matsuken at 08:24 PM JST - 25th September

    I read the magazine and the pictures are normal! only a yellow new!

  • Badsey at 12:44 AM JST - 26th September

    Being #4 is kind of unlucky -I would hold out for #5, but get in before being #6.

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