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Members of the Philosophy Department

David Bain (Lecturer, Senior Honours Convener)  David Bain's principal interests are in philosophy of mind and language. A central project of his concerns how to conceive of our experiences and their subject matter so as to make sense of their role in revealing to us our environments and ourselves. Under this head, David is interested in "representational" approaches to the mind and, particularly, the bodily sensations; the role and scope of perceptual experiences, in particular the peculiar awareness we have of our own bodies "from the inside"; the later work of Wittgenstein, particularly the private language argument; and subjectivist and objectivist accounts of colour.

Michael Brady (Senior Lecturer, Director of Postgraduate Studies) Michael Brady's philosophical interests are in normative moral theory, metaethics, and epistemology, and his current research is focused on the nature of the virtues. In particular, he is interested in (reviving) the possibility that the virtues are forms of knowledge. Michael was on research leave in 2005/06 at the RSSS program, Australian National University, where he wrote a number of connected articles on the appropriateness of emotions. He was awarded an AHRC Research Leave Grant for this project.

Paul Brownsey (Lecturer) Paul Brownsey's interests are in the history of philosophy and moral theory. He has published work on Hume and Butler and is currently working on Locke and J.S. Mill.

Victoria Harrison (Reader, Director: Centre for Philosophy and Religion) Victoria Harrison joined the department in Autumn 2005 from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Previously she has taught at Birkbeck College (University of London), the University of Notre Dame's London Centre, the Muslim College (London), and Kingston University. Her primary interests lie in the philosophy of religion, Indian philosophies, ethics and metaphysics. In addition to a range of papers on philosophy of religion and philosophical theology, she has published The Apologetic Value of Human Holiness (Kluwer 2000) - a research monograph focused on religious epistemology. Her current work is concerned with theories of religious and ethical pluralism. Her latest book is entitled Religion and Modern Thought (SCM 2007).

Gary Kemp (Senior Lecturer, 2K Convener) Gary Kemp works in the philosophy of logic and language, and on Frege, Russell, Quine and Davidson. He also writes on aesthetics and philosophical themes in literature.

Richard King (Lecturer) Richard King has published principally on ancient Greek and Roman thought, especially Aristotle and Plotinus. His interests centre on the concept of life. He also works in comparative ethics - the comparanda being Greco-Roman ethics and ancient (Pre-Qin) Chinese ethics. He is interested in the ethics and metaphysics of Hume and Kant.

Dudley Knowles (Professor, 1M Convener) Dudley Knowles works chiefly in ethics and political philosophy and the history of these subjects. His books include Political Philosophy (Routledge, 2001), Hegel and the Philosophy of Right (Routledge, 2002), and most recently Political Obligation (Routledge 2009). He has edited three collections, Explanation and its Limits (CUP, 1990), G.W.F. Hegel (Ashgate 2009) and with John Skorupski, Virtue and Taste (Blackwell, 1993). In addition, in recent years he has published articles on Hegel's social and political thought, environmental ethics, punishment, rights, consent in medical practice, political obligation and state authority.

Chris Lindsay (University Teacher, 1K Convener) Chris Lindsay works on issues within the philosophy of mind, action theory and epistemology. He is particularly interested in the relationships between agency, embodiment, and the possession of certain fundamental concepts, notably the concept of the self and those relating to the idea of an objective spatial reality. He also works on Thomas Reid's theory of action.

Sue Lock (Lecturer) Sue Lock's research interests are in the area of overlap between metaphysics and the philosophy of mind.  In particular, she's working on causation, supervenience, properties and theories of content.  She's also interested in aesthetics and the philosophy of happiness.

Fiona Macpherson (Senior Lecturer, Director: Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience, Director of Postgraduate Studies) Fiona Macpherson works in the areas of philosophy of mind, psychology and perception. She has written about representational theories of phenomenal character, the metaphysics of mind, disjunctivism, illusions and hallucinations, ambiguous and impossible figures, synaesthesia, introspection, cognitive penetration, and the senses. She has edited a collection, Disjunctivism: Perception, Action, Knowledge, (Oxford University Presss, 2009) with Adrian Haddock. In all her work, Fiona is keen to draw on empirical work in psychology and other sciences that concern the mind and brain. She was a research fellow at the Centre for Consciousness in the Philosophy Program at the Australian National University Research School of Social Sciences for the academic year 2005-2006 and in the Spring of 2008 and 2009.

Martin Smith (Lecturer) Martin Smith's research interests lie in epistemology, logic and the philosophy of mind. He has recently published on justification and probability, transmission failure and the semantics of conditionals.

Alan Weir (Professor, Chair in Philosophy, Head of Department) Alan Weir's main research interest in recent years has been in the foundations of logic and mathematics. He also works on topics in epistemology, especially with regard to the nature of rationality and in philosophy of mind, for example on externalist, anti-representationalist theories of perception.

Administrative and Support Staff

Anne Southall (Secretary)

Susan Howel (Secretary)  

Graduate Teaching Assistants / Tutors

Robert Cowan (Philosophy 1K, Philosophy 1M)

Stuart Crutchfield (Philosophy 1K)

John Donaldson (Philosophy 1K, Philosophy 1M)

Geert Drieghe (Philosophy 1M)

Ross Hetherington (Philosophy 1K, Philosophy 1M)

Sarah Honeychurch (Philosophy 1K, Philosophy 1M, Philosophy 2M)

Ioanna-Maria Patsalidou (Philosophy 1K, Philosophy 1M )

Paul Smith (Philosophy 1K, Philosophy 1M, Philosophy 2M, Philosophy 2K)

Sam Wiseman (Philosophy 1M)

Christopher Yorke (Philosophy 1K, Philosophy 1M )

Philosophy Staff at Crichton Campus

Benjamin Franks (Lecturer, Crichton Campus) Benjamin Franks' research interests are primarily in: Applied Ethics, with particular interest in the ethics of medical and social scientific research and Political Philosophy, especially Anarchisms, Marxisms and post-Marxisms.

Stuart Hanscomb (University Teacher, Crichton Campus) Stuart's current areas of interest and research are the psychology and philosophy of higher education (esp. student experience, emotion and authenticity); virtue theory;  philosophical psychology (in particular the emotions and moral psychology), and existentialism.

Ralph Jessop (Senior Lecturer, Chricton Campus) Ralph Jessop's key interests include Thomas Carlyle, Scottish Philosophy, and several literary figures associated with Carlyle. He is currently exploring the philosophical problems of knowledge and scepticism generated in the eighteenth century and how philosophical discourses about these problems are re-enacted or enmeshed in the literature of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Honorary & Visiting Staff

Stephen Bostock (Honorary Research Fellow) Stephen Bostock has interests in the relations of science and religion, the nature of consciousness, and the ethics of our treatment of animals. He has published a book on the ethics of zoos, (Zoos and Animal Rights: The Ethics of Keeping Animals, Routledge 1993), has published in the Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare, and is at present writing on God and evolution. [mail]

Jim Edwards (Honorary Research Fellow) Jim Edwards is currently working on the semantics of reports of propositional attitudes, and in particular on an account of quantifying into interpreted logical forms. [mail]

Mary Haight (Honorary Research Fellow) Mary Haight's philosophical interests are in philosophical psychology, philosophy of mind, Greek philosophy, and aesthetics, she is also interested in the role of logic in philosophy and its teaching at an elementary level. She has published a book on self-deception and articles on dissociation and on hypnosis, as well as on pictorial representation, fiction and metaphor, and a user-friendly beginner's logic course. At present she is working on a philosophical study of pain. [mail]

Scott Meikle   (Honorary Research Fellow) Scott Meikle is currently working further on the metaphysics of economics and social philosophy. His most recent book, Aristotle's Economic Thought, was published by Oxford University Press in 1995. He has also written Essentialism in the Thought of Karl Marx, published by Duckworth in 1985. He is presently preparing a book on Marx and the Enlightenment. [mail]

Dimitris Platchias (Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience) Dimitris works in the Philosophy of Mind and, in particular, in the Philosophy of Perception and Consciousness. He is also interested in Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Sport. He is also a research fellow in the Department of Philosophy, University of Essex.

Pat Shaw (Honorary Research Fellow) Pat Shaw works mainly in the area of the philosophy of social science, especially the philosophy of economics and social choice. Recent publications include articles on the Equality, on Foucault and on the prisoners' dilemma, and a second edition of Logic and its Limits. [mail]

Richard Stalley (Emeritus Professor of Ancient Philosophy, Honorary Professorial Research Fellow) Professor Stalley works mainly on the moral and political philosophy of Plato and Aristotle and on Scottish Philosophy. He has published a book on Plato's Laws as well as number of articles on ancient philosophy and on the philosophers of 18th century Scotland. He has recently published an edition of Aristotle's Politics. The topics on which he is working at present include Plato's theory of punishment and responsibility, the role of persuasion in Plato's political philosophy, and Thomas Reid's theory of action.

Elizabeth Telfer   (Honorary Research Fellow) Elizabeth Telfer works mainly in moral philosophy. She has recently published a book on the philosophy of food and a paper on the ethics ofusing and benefiting animals. She is now working on Adam Smith's The Theory of the Moral Sentiments. [mail]

Philip Tonner (Honorary Research Fellow) Philip Tonner works in the areas of Modern European Philosophy, particularly phenomenology and post-structuralism, and the history of philosophy. He is currently exploring the relationship between philosophy, anthropology and archaeology. He is Research Support Officer for Glasgow Museums and is an Associate Lecturer with The Open University. Philip is also Co-Director of the Centre for Technology and Phenomenological Research in HATII.

Other Staff Lecturing in Philosophy

Chris Berry (Politics) Professor Berry's biography: 'I've been at Glasgow since 1970 and Professor of Political Theory since 1996. I work at the interface between politics, history and philosophy. Recently I have been exploring political naturalism; somewhat more precisely, I am pondering what it is about being human that appears to call forth a response that is labelled political (an enterprise that I call 'the philosophical anthropology of politics'). My perspective is Humean and is central to a longstanding research interest, and lengthy publishing record, in the Scottish Enlightenment.'

Alexander Broadie (History) Alexander Broadie is Professor of Logic and Rhetoric. His research interests are Scottish Philosophy, including Duns Scotus, John Mair and medieval logic, The Scottish Enlightenment, especially Thomas Reid.

Susan Stuart (HATII) Susan Stuart is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy in the Faculty of Arts. Her research interests are in the philosophy of mind, Kant's epistemology, questions of ontology, and idealism and technology. She has published on the application of Kant's transcendental psychology to contemporary issues in cognitive science, deception, theories of mind and autism, the conditions for conscious agency, the ontology of digital objects, and on teaching philosophy in cyberspace. Susan is the Director of the Centre for Technology and Phenomenological Research in HATII.

Emeritus Staff

David Campbell David Campbell's interests are in rationalism, phenomenology and existentialism (especially Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Heidegger). His paper, 'Kierkegaard, Free Will and Self-interpretation' is published in a collection of essays entitled Kierkegaard and Freedom, edited by James Giles (Palgrave 2000). A paper entitled 'Nietzsche, Heiddeger and Meaning' is forthcoming in The Journal of Nietzsche Studies. [mail]

Robin Downie Professor Downie has two main areas of interest: applied philosophy, especially bioethics, and the 18th century, especially the philosophy of the Scottish enlightenment. He has writtten many books on bioethics including: The Making of a Doctor (1992), Healthy Respect (2nd edition 1994), Health Promotion (2nd edition 1994), The Healing Arts (1994), Palliative Care Ethics (1996) and has edited a selection of Francis Hutcheson's Philosophical Works for Everyman Library (1994). [mail]