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Saturn's moon shows evidence of ammonia
22 July 2009   Data collected during two close flybys of Saturn's moon Enceladus by Cassini add more fuel to the fire about the icy world containing sub-surface liquid water.
Cassini finding hints at ocean within Saturn’s moon Enceladus
24 June 2009   European scientists on the joint NASA/ESA Cassini mission have detected, for the first time, sodium salts in ice grains of Saturn’s E-ring, which is primarily replenished by material from the plumes of water vapour and ice grains emitted by Saturn’s moon Enceladus. The detection of salty ice indicates that the little moon harbours a reservoir of liquid water, perhaps even an ocean, beneath its surface.
Cassini approaches Saturn
Start of Cassini's new mission
4 July 2008   The Cassini spacecraft has a new two-year mission that will address new questions and bring it closer to two of its most intriguing targets: Titan and Enceladus. On 30 June, Cassini completed its four-year prime mission and began its extended mission, which was approved in April this year.

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15 April 2008   Cassini’s grand tour of Saturn extended
26 March 2008   Cassini 'tastes' organic brew at Saturn’s geyser moon
25 March 2008   Ocean may exist beneath Titan's crust
7 March 2008   Saturn’s moon Rhea may also have rings
19 February 2008   Cassini finds mingling moons may share a dark past

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