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The Portugal license has now been integrated into the Creative Commons licensing process, so you are able to license your works under this jurisdiction's law.

The latest version of the licenses available for this jurisdiction are:

Many thanks to all who contributed to the license-porting process. This page remains for reference.

Please take a look at the mailing-list archive if you are interested in the academic discussion leading to the Portugal final license.

Creative Commons is working with FCEE-Católica, INTELI, and UMIC to create Portugal jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CCi Portugal List

Project Lead: Pedro Oliveira, José Rui Felizardo, Pedro Ferreira, and Margarida Faustino Correia
The legal translation of the licences by Filipa Salazar Leite, from the law office Simmons & Simmons Rebelo de Sousa.

More about Portuguese Affiliates

FCEE-Católica – School of Economics and Management, Universidade Católica Portuguesa

The School of Economics and Management of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (FCEE-Católica) is a leading management and economics school in Portugal. The school offers undergraduate programs in business and economics, an MBA program, M.Sc. programs in economics and health care management, and a portfolio of about 70 programs in executive education. FCEE-Católica faculty members are also deeply involved in research activities. FCEE-Católica has been evaluated by the European Economic Association as the leading Portuguese institution in terms of publications per faculty member. For more information, refer to

INTELI – Intelligence in Innovation

INTELI is a private non-profit think tank that promotes intelligence in innovation in areas such as technology and innovation management for the automotive, aerospatiale, energy, biotechnology, regional development and “creative industries”. The Innovation Centre has been supporting public policies and developing strategic consultancy to Ministries, public institutes, R&D institutions and companies. INTELI is actively involved in several national and EU projects aimed at developing “creative cities” or “intelligent cities” across European countries in co-operation with an international network of innovation organisations. For more information, refer to

UMIC – Knowledge Society Agency

 UMIC, Knowledge Society Agency, acts under the tutelage of the Ministry for Science, Technology and Higher Education and oversees all aspects related to the development of the information and knowledge society in Portugal. Major projects related to the inclusive dissemination of information and knowledge include connecting all schools with broadband, managing online repositories of information and knowledge for education and research, deploying wireless networks in all the campus of higher education institutions in Portugal and the installation of hundreds of free-of-charge public-accessible hotspots countrywide for the dissemination of ICTs and training. For more information, refer to