SEPULTURA Starts writing new album  | 10.02.2008

Yesterday we went down to SEPULTURA's studio to check out what's going on with the writing of the new album. This time the guys are writing songs inspired in the book "A Clockwork Orange" released in 1962 by Anthony Burgess which later became a classic movie of the 70s: "A Clockwork Orange" by Stanley Kubrick. This looks promissing. And sounds promissing too (check the video below).

They are really in tune. Since this will be the first album composed by SEPULTURA with Jean Dolabella, we could expect some [good] changes in the writing process. And that's happening. Ideas flowing, tons of new ideas.

This is one of the videos we made yesterday. Sound is crappy, but you can have an idea of what's going on. We do have other videos, with better sound. But those are way too revealing, we'll save for later because you have to understand this is a really early stage in the writing process.

Paulo has more videos, which will soon be up at our Youtube channel, here.

We've also setup a Flickr account for SEPS, here. Pictures will start popping out in this account because we've set Paulo's laptop computer to take pictures every ten minutes during the practice session. He just needs to remember to turn the thing on.

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