Blue Gene

Blue Gene
Blue Gene is an IBM Research project dedicated to exploring the
frontiers in supercomputing: in computer architecture, in the software required to program and control massively parallel systems, and in the use of computation to advance our understanding of important biological processes such as protein folding.

The Blue Gene/L machine was designed and built in collaboration with the Department of Energy's NNSA/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, and the LLNL system has a peak speed of 596 Teraflops. Blue Gene systems occupy the #4 (LLNL Blue Gene/L) and #5 (Argonne Blue Gene/P) positions in the TOP500 supercomputer list announced in November 2008.

IBM now offers a Blue Gene Solution. IBM and its collaborators are currently exploring a growing list of applications including hydrodynamics, quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, climate modeling and financial modeling.

Details - Blue Gene [IBM Journal of Research and Development]
History - Blue Gene: A vision for protein science using a petaflop supercomputer [IBM Systems Journal]

Photos of Blue Gene/L available here

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Last updated 2 Dec 2008