Convention No. C169

(Source: ILOLEX - 25. 12. 2009)
Argentina03:07:2000 ratified
Bolivia11:12:1991 ratified
Brazil25:07:2002 ratified
Chile15:09:2008 ratified
Colombia07:08:1991 ratified
Costa Rica02:04:1993 ratified
Denmark22:02:1996 ratified
Dominica25:06:2002 ratified
Ecuador15:05:1998 ratified
Fiji03:03:1998 ratified
Guatemala05:06:1996 ratified
Honduras28:03:1995 ratified
Mexico05:09:1990 ratified
Nepal14:09:2007 ratified
Netherlands02:02:1998 ratified
Norway19:06:1990 ratified
Paraguay10:08:1993 ratified
Peru02:02:1994 ratified
Spain15:02:2007 ratified
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela22:05:2002 ratified
Ratified: 20Conditional ratification: 0Declared applicable: 0Denounced: 0

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