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Simplifying web-based processes.

CoScripter is a system for recording, automating, and sharing processes performed in a web browser such as printing photos online, requesting a vacation hold for postal mail, or checking flight arrival times. Instructions for processes are recorded and stored in easy-to-read text here on the CoScripter web site, so anyone can make use of them. If you are having trouble with a web-based process, check to see if someone has written a CoScript for it!

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The scripts available on this site have been authored by our large community of users who help each other by contributing scripts that automate their most difficult web-based processes. You can make the community stronger by contributing your own scripts for the processes that you do frequently. Together we can make the web easier to use!


An important part of the CoScripter experience is our custom browser extension for Mozilla Firefox that automates the process of recording and playing back processes. To download and install the extension, visit our download page. If you don't use the Firefox browser, you can still use the instructions provided by the scripts to manually complete web-based processes.

More information

CoScripter is still a research project, and we are anxious to get your feedback so that we can improve the system. If you have any comments, please post to the forum or feel free to send us email.

For more information about using CoScripter, visit the help documentation.