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23  of  November   of  2011 | Lisbon Congress Center

Portugal is experiencing an unprecedented crisis and has well defined and ambitious targets, under the agreement signed with the “Troika”. Therefore, the time has come to “QUANTIFYING THE FUTURE”. This was the theme of the 21st Communications Congress. Portugal must be able to emerge from this crisis with renewed strength. Therefore, is crucial to know what are the key factors required for the re-equilibrium of public accounts and for sustained economic recovery. And how may the ICT and New Media industry contribute decisively to this process. Those was the main goals of the APDC Congress.

Held at APDC

The iniciative was organised by APDC and Europe Unlimited

Tech Media Europe 2011

02  of  February   of  2011 | Porto

On the 2nd & 3rd February 2011, Porto was a meeting point for young and high-growth companies, professional experts, corporate and venture capital investors to network and discuss strategies, market opportunities and new business trends in the Technology and Media industry. The iniciative was organised by Europe Unlimited, the Portuguese Association for the Development of Communication (APDC) and Porto Digital. See all the photos


One billion units in 2015

Smartphone market will grow 55% in 2011

2011-09-15 15:39:00 | Lisboa

The worldwide smartphone market is forecast to grow 55% year over year in 2011 as a growing number of users turn in their feature phones for more advanced devices. According to IDC, vendors will ship a total of 472 million smartphones in 2011 (305 million units in 2010). At the end of 2015 will nearly double to 982 million.


Will change to Orange

France Telecom brand to disappear by summer 2012

2011-09-15 15:34:00 | Lisboa

French telco to become 'Orange' at a corporate level within next year. First steps will be taken within the company this month. This decision is part of France Telecom's three-year 'Orange 2012' strategy. The change will bo completed in time for the annual general meeting in summer 2012.


Intel and Google

Android chip-making partnership

2011-09-15 15:19:00 | Lisboa

Intel has set up a development partnership with Google to help improve how the Android operating system runs on its processors. The move is aimed at giving Intel greater access to the fast-growing mobile devices sector. Android has become the world's leading operating system for smartphones and Intel has been seen by many analysts as slow to respond to the challenge.

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“We have a duty to learn the lessons of the crisis and to focus on the creation of growth and jobs. At the top of the agenda are the need to build a strong economy and not use fiscal or monetary stimulus to live beyond our means. We must look at the reforms needed to correct these imbalances so as to create growth and jobs for the future. Growth is key and we must use all instruments available to promote growth and in the European Union we have some instruments from the agenda 2020 to the single market act to promote sustainable growth.”

Durão Barroso, European Parliament Plenary Session, 2011/09/14