Special Activities

In addition to Campus Party's 11 content stages, workshops and hackathons, the event features an incredible lineup of "special activities" that take place throughout the week and shouldn't be missed.



The Quest for a Real Hard Hob is a story depicting the tale of City Redevelopment Robot Deco4 and his struggle to find answers in a seemingly deserted city. It is a dark, emotive tale containing a real message about sustainability and the fragility of the world in which we live. What makes the Hard Hob special is that it is an animated movie to which a live band performs an immensely powerful live soundtrack. This innovative show has been chosen to finish off the Campus Party 2012 opening ceremony with a bang. Not to be missed.



Robocross is the project of Berlin based artist Frank Barnes presenting robodrummer Stickboy Model RC 1007: a robot with 4 arms, 2 legs and 1 head playing classics from Ramones, ACDC, Black Sabbath, Rage against the machine,  Led Zeppelin amongst others.   (Opening Night)

Robocross (Special, all day Friday 25th)

Frank Barnes from Robocross will be demonstrating his drumming robot, Sticks, to all interested Campuseros in an informal all day open workshop during Friday the 25th.  This includes demonstrations and explanation of logic programming with audio / midi, answering technical questions and explanation of mechanics and pneumatics, hands on pneumatic demos with air pistons and of course a robot performance every 30 minutes to an hour!

Women in Tech Day


At Campus Party we're all about equality. We're very proud to have achieved an almost equal female/male ration within our internal teams. During our preparation for Campus Party Europe in Berlin we've been talking with a lot of tech women and realized that the reality of a perfect ration across the tech industry is still far away.

Our mission at Campus Party is to 'retype the European source code' - and we're taking this serious. Thus, we have organized a 'Women in Tech Day' at Day 3 (23rd August, Thursday). Starting in Nanotechnology and Green Tech, over to Music, Audio and Design, over to Developers, Entrepreneurs, Social Media and Robotics (and more!) we're proudly presenting female speakers from all around Europe. The speakers will give us an inside in their work and projects and share experiences and networks with us. We'll discuss strategies for a more equal gender diversity within the tech industry and how we can achieve it - from the little steps to the big ones.

Come and join us to to make the world a better place through technology!


Hacking for Social Change — And Really Making a Difference

Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK)'s pioneering work in the social hack space has challenged over 5000 hackers at events in 30 countries to apply their skills to social problems. While hacker energy is abundant worldwide, it's still very hard to figure out the precise social problems that can be effectively hacked, and then to create a process whereby the resulting hacks are actually used in the world. RHoK addresses this difficulty by working closely with NGOs to both identify problems and implement the solution hacks. There have beensome inspirational results from this approach.


In this session, Ruha Reyhani from RHoK will present the history of the organization and its current operations. Peter Tausz from TransparencyInternational in Berlin will discuss Hacks against Corruption, a RHoK-TI collaboration hackathon scheduled for Oct 6-7 in Berlin and other cities. Ruha Reyhani from RHoK will present opportunities to Campuseros to engage with TI and RHoK during the Berlin Campus Party and beyond Daniel Ben-Horin, founder and co-CEO of TechSoup Global, which works closely with both RHoK and Campus Party to engage ngos with socially-minded hackers, will moderate the session.


Peter Tausz is a Senior Program Coordinator at the Secretariat of Transparency International in Berlin and responsible for sharing innovations and best practices in people engagement initiatives within the global anti-corruption movement. Before he joined the Secretariat Peter worked for Transparency International Hungary, prior to that for the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary as a legal advisor and a junior attorney at the Szecskay Attorneys at Law. Currently he is working on a Global Anticorruption Hackathon together with RHoK.

Cyborgs Performance


Since 2007, Neil Harbisson and choreographer Moon Ribas have been scanning the cities of over 30 countries in Europe. Harbisson uses his electronic eye to detect the dominant colour of each city.





Moon Ribas

Moon Ribas uses her speedborgs to detect the exact speed in which citizens walk. The performance will show the colour and speed results of the main capital cities in Europe.





 Weather Balloon Launching


Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Campus Party Balloons to explore new worlds. At Campus Party Europe in Berlin, we will achieve great images of Europe's skies, day and night, by launching a professional sounding balloon. Get ready for something unique that will delight us all with beautiful postcards from the edge of space on 23 Thursday night.

We are going to have an instrument developed by a team of campuseros who will participate in an international scientific mission. The IRIS instrument will be part of the Sunrise stratospheric telescope on its next flight from Esrange Spaceport in the Arctic Circle. This instrument will produce images of incredible quality of the edge of space and the curvature of the Earth during a voyage as far as the distance between Europe and North America. Join us in our voyages and participate!

3D Printing Day

3D Printing Day

Onyx Ashanti will kick off the 3D Printing day with his Sonic Cyborg workshop, including one hour of working with ideas and digital tools and one hour of preparing files for 3D printing. For one day, Workshop Area 2 will be host to five do-it-yourself 3D printers and the best designs from our different 3D workshops will have the opportunity to get printed. From 10:00 to 21:00, come by and have a look at this fascinating technology that is changing our perspectives on the future of manufacturing processes and DIY culture!
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