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Publication date: 30.07.2011
Print date: 26.11.2014
URL: http://www.akademiasztuki.eu/en/academy/about

The Szczecin Academy of Art is the first Polish higher education institution which offers programmes in various art disciplines. It seeks to promote talented artists and protect artistic freedom. Its research and artistic activities bring together artists and inspire them to create beauty in every aspect of the social life. Basing on the tradition of national culture and what is broadly understood as world culture, it educates young artists in collaboration with other schools of art in Poland and abroad.

The Academy of Art in Szczecin has four faculties:  

  •  Faculty of Musical Education,
  •  Faculty of Instrumental Studies,
  •  Faculty of Painting and New Media and
  •  Faculty of Visual Arts.


which offer BA and MA courses in the following programmes:  

  • Artistic Music Education,
  • Instrument Studies,  
  • Interior Architecture,
  • Graphics, artistic, design
  • Graphics - Multimedia


and BA courses

  • Interior Architecture and
  • Painting
  • Vocalistics


At present, all the faculties have a total of almost 500 students.

The Szczecin Academy of Art was founded on 1 September 2010 under the Act on the establishment of the Szczecin Academy of Art of 29 April 2010 (Journal of Laws No. 94/2010, item 601).

The inauguration ceremony of the first academic year was held on 2 October 2010. Prime Minister Donald Tusk honoured the ceremony with his attendance and noted in his speech that Szczecin had long deserved an Academy of Art. The ceremony was accompanied by the opening of an exhibition by graduates of the Higher School of Applied Arts in Szczecin, a piano recital by Sławomir Wilk and a concert of the Billy Harper Quintet and the Academy Choir.

Voices supporting the establishment of the Academy of Art in Szczecin had been expressed  for many years. However, only in the past two years dynamic and consistent steps were taken to put the idea into practice. As a result of many months of consultation, the vision of a unique in Poland school combining education in music and visual arts was created. The support for its realization was explicitly expressed on many occasions by representatives of all the political parties, artists and local communities. It took only three days to sign a petition for the establishment of the Academy by 25 thousand citizens of Szczecin, which was submitted to the Polish Parliament as part of the initiative aimed at speeding up the process of taking an appropriate resolution. Finally, the establishment of the Academy was guaranteed in a resolution of the Polish Parliament, which was passed almost unanimously.  

The Academy’s seat is the historical Pałac pod Globusem in Szczecin, handed over to house the Academy by the voivodeship marshal. The buildings in Grodzka Street (former branch of the Academy of Music in Poznań) and Kolumb Street (former Higher School of Applied Arts) also belong to the Academy.

The Szczecin Academy of Art is a new and modern institution seeking to operate on an international and interdisciplinary platform. The next few years will see the launch of theatre-related programmes (theatre studies, lighting engineering, stage design), programmes combining state-of-the-art technologies (new media) and programmes on culture management and light music. Established artists and professors from the major academic centres in Europe are invited to cooperate and give guest lectures at the Academy. Within the next five years, after all the new programmes are launched, the Academy is expected to have about  850 students, i.e. the greatest number of students of all the arts higher education facilities in Poland.

The Szczecin Academy of Art runs one registrar’s office for all programmes, located at pl. Orła Białego 2, 70-562 Szczecin, Room 11.  

The registrar’s office provides academic record services to students and handles matters related to the settlement of overtime hours and teachers’ contracts. Open on business days from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm. 

Employees of the registrar’s office:

- Ms Agnieszka Redlewska, Head ()

- Ms Teresa Dziemianko, Clerk ()

- Ms Agnieszka Maćkowska, Clerk ()

- Ms Teresa Andrzejewska, Specialist ()