Love Who Loves You Back Official

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Here is the video, now on youtube. It has SO many views on Facebook, but let's get them up on Youtube. It's not like it is hard to watch or anything. And discuss the video... do you like the message of Love without boundaries? … [Read more...]

Love Who Loves You Back?

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Love Who Loves You Back

Will this be the title and cover of the third single? What do you guys think this song might be about? … [Read more...]

New Video News?

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Going to be in a Tokio Hotel video?

From Shannon Williams Excited to be shooting tomorrow for @tokiohotel new music video!!! I remember seeing their very first show in the states like 6 years ago!— Shannon Williams (@shannoncsw) September 13, 2014 No idea, who she is, but COOL … [Read more...]

Tokio Hotel on Wetten Dass

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Confirmed! CONFIRMED - tokiohotel l will be on Wetten Dass on the 4th October. (Germany) Tokio Hotel #kingsofsuburbia— Nathalie♡BK (@BillK_Supernova) September 13, 2014 … [Read more...]

Run, Run, Run.

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The new video from Tokio Hotel. Reactions to follow. Image below from thsupporter at Tumblr … [Read more...]

Run, Run, Run Lyrics

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Run Run Run

I wonder how your body tastes, Inside of someone else's place, Hide away your eyes, There's nothing left to heal, I'm alone, but I know everything you feel. For tears my heart has caged, And we fall from fate, But we raise and rise again And I run, run, run, run, run, And I run, … [Read more...]

Why we came to LA

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Pumba Kaulitz

I think by now, most fans know the answer to this. They wanted a life, freedom, the ability to go walk the dogs, to go outside. I remember feeling so sad when they had to move. … [Read more...]

Run, Run, Run Teaser

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Kings of Surburbia

Kings of Suburbia ... Tokio Hotel's new album. It's coming … [Read more...]

TBT World Behind My Wall @tokiohotel

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World Behind My Wall

It's raining today... … [Read more...]

Did Tokio Hotel reveal new Album Name?

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They posted a Spotify playlist and if you read the first letter of each song it spells: "Kings of Suburbia, Third of October" Discuss. :) … [Read more...]

Twenty Five Years Old

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Pretty sure the plump one is Tom

Dang. How long have we been fans? Does it seem impossible that these twins are now 25? (Posting this to go live in their time zone, presumably Pacific Time) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL KAULITZ AND TOM KAULITZ. Oh wait, should I have said Tom Kaulitz first since he was born first? (it's a slideshow, be … [Read more...]

Make a Wish Kaulitz Twins

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A video by Tokio Hotel Street Team Germany Direct Link … [Read more...]

Tokio Hotel – Flashback Friday – FBF – 08-29-2005

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Talking about sexy and girls, so shock.

Hi! In the spirit of the Tokio Hotel Channel TBT, here is a FBF! Flashback Friday. This week... August 29, 2005 - Tokio Hotel appeared on SAT1 Blitz and did an interview. Video is subtitled in English! Funny quotes: Tom: I had my first girlfriend when I was six years old. Well, as all of … [Read more...]

TBT – Darkside of the Sun

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Tokio Hotel Throwback! Subscribe to their channel! … [Read more...]

Tom, do your fucking job!

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Here is the latest THTV They guys are quite lively … [Read more...]