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Organic Light-Emitting Diodes or OLEDs represent a paradigm shift in general purpose lighting. The innovations created by the OLED100.eu project will lead to a new kind of lighting source that is both efficient and inexpensive to produce.

OLED Lighting will provide the highest level of energy-efficient lighting accessible to people all over the world.

European Dimension
OLED100.eu is the project that seeks to bring the highest level of cost-competitive and environmentally-responsible manufacturing to European industry helping to maintain its leadership in this field.

OLED Lighting can help save the Planet!

Today, over 20% of all the electric power produced on earth is used for lighting. The energy used to supply lighting produces greenhouse gases equal to 70% of the emissions from all the world's passenger cars.

OLED lighting is at least 5 times more efficient than conventional incandescent lighting. Widespread adoption of OLED lighting could actually result in a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. Combined with sensors and ICT to implement 'smart-lighting', OLED lighting can further reduce energy consumption and deliver the highest quality of light


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Newsletter April 2011
  • OLED100 Summer School on 'Lighting the way with OLEDs'
  • The 33x33 cm² panel of OLED100.eu project
  • ICT Event OLED
  • Glossary for the Lighting Community: download available at www.oled100.eu
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Research area: ICT-2007.3.5 Photonic components and subsystems. Project under grant agreement n° 224122