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7.1.2016 : 20:15

1.2 Open Platforms for Innovation

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The FIA Aalborg consolidated report is also available [undefineddownload pdf]

Title of the session

“EU and US Approaches for Future Internet: FIRE / GENI and FI PPP / IGNITE. Different complementary perspectives, technical challenges and business models.”

Format of the session

The session will be organized in three main parts:

  1. EU and US presentations on Future Internet programmes perspectives.
  2. Panel discussion and Q/As with audience.
  3. Key take away and next steps.

Problem Statement and Objectives of the session

The Future Internet is currently addressed by several large R&D programmes in the different regions and related countries. This session is focusing on the EU and US perspectives, analyzing the differences and complementarities in approaches, business, challenges and involved stakeholders.

Session organisers

Didier Bourse (Alcatel-Lucent, France) - undefinedDidier_Arnaud.Bourse(at)
Petra Turkama (Aalto University, Finland) - undefinedpetra.turkama(at)
Serge Fdida (University Pierre et Marie Curie  – France) - undefinedserge.fdida(at)
Steering Committee representative: Alex Galis (UCL, United Kingdom) - undefineda.galis(at)

Target audience

Researchers from industry and academics engaged in Future Internet programmes and projects, e.g. FI PPP programme, FIRE projects, eInfrastructures projects, Living Labs projects and KIC ICT Labs programme.

Build on previous FIA sessions

This session will capitalize on and expand:

  1. Recent FIA sessions, e.g. Budapest FIA session I.4 “Smart cities and FIRE: Experimentation and Living Labs for the Future Internet”, Poznan FIA session 2.3 “International Collaboration on Testbeds”, Poznan FIA session 3.3 “When infrastructure meets the user”.
  2. Recent FIRE Workshops and FIRE Weeks.
  3. Recent GENI Engineering Conferences (GEC), e.g. GEC12 (November 11 in Kansas City) and GEC13 (March 12 in UCLA).

Draft session agenda:


13:30 – 13:45

Session introduction
Didier Bourse
Session introduction and framing.

13:45 – 14:15

EU and US Future Internet Programmes perspectives

13:45 – 14:00

Petra Turkama (Aalto University)

EC FI PPP: One year return of experience, current status and next steps.

14:00 – 14:15

Suzanne Iacono (National Science Foundation)

US IGNITE Programme: Vision, ambitions and organization.

14:15 – 15:25

Panel discussion and interaction with audience

14:15 – 15:10

Panel discussion moderated by Serge Fdida (University Pierre et Marie Curie)


- Per Blixt (European Commission).
- Suzanne Iacono (National Science Foundation).
- Chip Elliott (GENI Project Office (GPO)).
- Jose Jimenez (
Telefonica I+D).

 Panel Topics

- Different or common potential innovation channels and innovators?
- Different or common (technical) challenges for each of the targeted vertical applications domain?
- Different or common enablers for experimentation, pilots and tests beds?
- Different or common roles for industry?
- Different or common roles for academic / research centers?
- Different or common expected exploitation plans and success factors?

15:10 – 15:25

Interaction with audience by Petra Turkama
Interactions with session audience* – Q/As.

15:25 – 15:30

Didier Bourse
Session wrap-up, key take away and next steps.


*: Session audience participants will be given the opportunity to express questions during the session, which will be collected by the organizers and brought into the plenary discussion.

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