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7.1.2016 : 20:16

1.4 Impact of HTML 5

Read the full post-event session summary [undefineddownload pdf]

The FIA Aalborg consolidated report is also available [undefineddownload pdf]

Format of the workshop

The workshop will consist of:

  • Presentations of  HTML5 activities, both around standardisation and implementation
  • Case Studies to allow industries to present their understanding and discuss ongoing implementations
  • Panel session to debate few questions prepared in advance

Problem Statement and Objectives of the workshop

HTML5 and related technologies like CSS3, JavaScript, WebGL and Web Workers are expected to deliver a standardised and widely acceptable format of communicating and delivering data and content across the web. While it has certainly gained strong attention around mobile, HTML5 technologies are expected to widely impact several other endpoints. Hence, there is a strong anticipation and equal excitement to understand the implications of juggernaut that HTML5 is or is not:

  • What will be the impact of HTML 5 for the future services on the Internet? What can you do with it today?
  • What's its role in TV services?
  • Will it really be able to replace mobile applications? What is the impact of HTML5 on mobile app development and other enterprise back-end as well as cloud systems? Will it replace proprietary Web media technologies?
  • What are the security concerns and challenges around HTML?

Session organisers

undefinedVishal Jain, Mobile Analyst, 451 Research
undefinedPhilippe Cousin, Mosquito – ETSI Expert

Target audience

  • Service providers, OEM’s and enterprise services, applications and business models
  • Researchers and research projects concerned with connected endpoints
  • Application developers
  • Open source community


Draft Agenda – 10th May, Thursday, Session 1.4, 13.30 to 15.30

Presentations: 1 hour 25 min




20 min

Keynote - HTML5 Implementation areas – future internet, mobile, connected devices – current and future version

undefinedDominique Hazael-Massieux, W3C 

20 min

Business Keynote - Opportunities in HTML5 for an operator 

Philippe Lucas, Senior Vice President Standardisation & Ecosystems Development, Orange

15 min

Practical problems in mobile web and ways to address them

Stephan Haux, Director Product Management, Netbiscuits

15 min

Operator implementation to-date

Claudio Venezia, Telecom Italia

15 min

Mobile fragmentation perspective

undefinedPhilippe Cousin, Mosquito-ETSI



Panel: 35 mins

35 min

Questions to be discussed

1.      Should the industry wait for the completion of HTML5 standardisation effort

2.      What has been the uptake of HTML5 and is it a third ecosystem?

3.      What needs to be done to create an enabling ecosystem for developers to target all the Internet endpoints?


Moderated by Vishal Jain, 451 Research


Participants :

Dominique Hazael-Massieux, W3C

Philippe Lucas, Senior Vice President Standardisation & Ecosystems Development, Orange

Security Researcher, TBD

Stephan Haux, Director Product Management, Netbiscuits

Claudio Venezia, Telecom Italia

Call for participation

We have already contacted speakers for some of the remaining TBD speaking slots.


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