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2.4 Standardisation

Read the full post-event session summary [undefineddownload pdf]

The FIA Aalborg consolidated report is also available [undefineddownload pdf]

Format of the workshop

The workshop will be split in 3 parts:

  1. Presentation of the standardization challenges landscape for Future Internet
  2. Brokering session allowing research workshop to expose their standardization activities or plans. Projects will be identified through a call of interest. The session will be moderated by a panel of SDO representatives.
  3. Panel session, to debate few question prepared in advance.

Problem Statement and Objectives of the workshop

Demanding usages such as smartcities are emerging and require increased interoperability levels between technologies, with the involvements of a wider set of stakeholders. As part of the Future internet, these contribute to the need and thus the raise of interest for (pre)standardisation activities.

The session will aim at identifying new strategic and operational activities to be pursued to fill the standardisation gap for Future Internet.

Session organisers:

FIA standardisation Working group (undefined
Steering Committee representative: undefinedDidier Bourse (Alcatel-Lucent)

Target audience:

  • Future Internet research projects
  • Standardisation development organisations

Build on previous FIA sessions:

Conclusions from FIA session in Budapest (May 2011)
The session underlined the need to agree on future internet definitions and raise awareness of pre-standardisation efforts. The current status of standardisation is being documented by the FIA Standardisation Working Group. This mapping exercise requires collaboration between projects, project clusters and European Technology Platform activities. It has been recognised that future internet standards are made from myriad inputs and that direct contribution from projects is essential to achieve all these goals, although this could not happen without projects also understanding the business environment.

Conclusions from FIA session in Poznan (October 2011)
Creating synergies between projects require to 1. Collect the projects contributions and 2. Identify the possible synergies between intended contributions. Different existing and potential classifications have been shown. The need for a light and sustainable process has been underlined by the audience. As examples, validation rules should be set-up to validate the data or the source. Also, the level of use of a (pre)standard should be monitored to focus on the one of greater interest for the community.


Moderator: undefinedFranck Le Gall (FIA standardization WG)

15 min

FIA standardization WG: purpose and progresses status

undefinedBernard Sales (Alcatel-Lucent)

20 min

Future Internet standardisation challenges landscape

undefinedPatrick Guillemin (ETSI)

Brokerage event

Supported by an advisory board  to advise on (ETSI, W3C, NICT…)

10 min

Call for participation in Low energy networks standardisation

undefinedNozomu Nishinaga (NICT ITU representatives)

50 min

6-8 projects to present in 3 or 4 slides:

1.       Project scope

2.       Done or planned contribution to standardization

3.       Project  brokerage interest


Panel session

20 min

3 questions to be debated



  • Patrick Guillemin ETSI


Note 1: Presentations will be checked individually prior the event to ensure they are not the usual project presentations but really target the objective.

Call for participation

A call for participation is being launched to attract projects for the brokerage event.

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