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3.2 IoT Applications and Business Models

Read the full post-event session summary [undefineddownload pdf]

The FIA Aalborg consolidated report is also available [undefineddownload pdf]

Format of the workshop

The workshop will consist of:

  • Presentations of  IoT activities and challenges through mainly the IoT forum,
  • Show cases event allowing projects to present IoT application success stories, development and business model
  • Panel session to debate few questions prepared in advance

Problem Statement and Objectives of the workshop

Internet of things represent a huge potential of business and innovation also strengthening and developing the future Internet. Smart cities as representing a complete eco-system are good adopters of IoT technologies as providing a lot of dedicated services to their citizens while supporting their local enterprises. The workshop will explore:

  • What are the most successful IoT applications ?
  • Are there any barriers to prevent successful deployments such as for instance from legal, societal and governance ?
  • What could be the business models to exploit the full potential of IoT innovations ?

Session organisers:

Philippe Cousin,  Probe-IT project manager
Man-Sze Li , FInES Cluster Co-Chair
Jesper Thestrup , FinES Cluster Manufacturing and Industry Task Force Leader

Target audience:

IoT research projects
Smart cities stake holders
Industry interest by IoT applications and business models

Build on previous FIA sessions:

IoT Conference @ Poznan, Panel on The Sensing Enterprise, Proceedings, 2011;  

Draft Agenda







15 min

IoT forum, growing community for developing successful applications. Issues on legal, societal and governance

undefinedIOT forum – Sebastien Lange, Laure Quentin

15 min

Smart Cities and IoT for deploying successful applications and promoting innovation
ex of key applications incl. Smart Home

Probe-IT- undefinedAlex Gluhak


5 min

IoT for business - applications, services & things in the Sensing Enterprise  


undefinedMan-Sze Li, FinES

10 min

Value based business models for capturing the real business interest in IoT applications

undefinedJesper Thestrup , FinES


Show cases event

Internet Connected Objects for Reconfigurable Eco-systems

undefinedFrank Berkers, I-Core

An appstore ecosystems for automation

undefinedOlivier Hersent, Actility

Multinational Initiative for Cloud Computing in health Care (MUNICH)

undefinedProfessor Dr. Christoph Thuemmler, Edinburgh Napier University

Catch the drops, make an ocean

undefinedMjoca Volk

Study and development of a RFID integrated automatic traceability system for the bovine meat chain

undefinedStefania Leonardi, Department of Veterinary Sciences and Technology for Food Safety Università degli Studi Milano

IoT success stories in port & harbors

undefinedBruno Cendon TST

POBICOS: IoT Platform for Home and Building

undefinedJarek Domanszewicz Institute of telecommunications Warsaw

IoT and Test applications for IPv6 QoS

undefinedH. Tarsiuk, Warsaw Universticy of Technology, Poland

Reactive and proactive ascenarios

undefinedIoT Council Rob Van Kranenburg



20 min

3 questions to be debated

  1. Where is a business value of the sensor data collected?
  2. What new opportunities for sharing within and amongst communities will emerge from leveraging the combined information and intelligence resultant from the emergent IoT and Social Mobile computing revolution?
  3. What challenges for Smart Homes ?



Dr Alan Davy, TSSG


  1. IoT Conference @ Poznan, Panel on The Sensing Enterprise, Proceedings, 2011;  
  2. FInES Position Paper for Orientations for FP8, 2011
  3. FInES Research Roadmap (under development), latest version 1.2, 2011
  4. Concluding Remarks of G. Santucci at the FInES Cluster meeting, 19-20 December


download undefinedpdf file