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Future Internet Conference Bled 2008


The conference on "The Future of the Internet - Perspectives emerging from R&D in Europe" was held in Bled, Slovenia from 31 March -  2 April 2008. Information about the main conference day is available at the conference site undefined

Technical Programme

The undefinedtechnical programme of the conference was structured in several sessions. The plenary discussion was organised around an initial panel session where cross technical domain perspectives were discussed, followed by break-out sessions on specific themes that were identified.

The discussion was initiated through the presentation of a series of issues papers that were drafted and made available ahead of the first meeting, by the concerned clusters of the technical domains:

Each issues paper clearly spell-out a perspective which is relevant to more than one of the technical domains listed above. Proposals for potential break-out sessions were invited ahead of the meeting. Horizontal issues that were debated, include:

  • European Future Internet Forum (merits, advantages, starting point),
  • Relationships with China, Japan, Korea, Latin America, USA etc,
  • Standardisation (where, why, what …) requirements,
  • Relationships with national efforts (coordination needs),
  • Common research agenda (evolution to the next WP),
  • Structural funds (large scale infrastructures),
  • Future Internet Portal (features and key purpose)