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Medical Dictionaries, Drugs & Medical Searches

MediLexicon contains medical searches, news and resources for medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals. The following medical searches, medical dictionary listings, and resources are available for use within this website...

Medical Abbreviations

Our medical abbreviations dictionary contains over 200,000 medical, biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare acronyms and abbreviations. It is the most comprehensive medical abbreviations dictionary on the Internet.

Medical Dictionary

Our medical dictionary contains definitions of thousands of medical terms from Stedman's comprehensive medical lexicon. Find definitions using either the search system or alphabetical listing methods.

Drugs Search

Search our FDA drug approvals database for prescription drug information. Multiple drug search options are available, including alphabetical listings. Drug listings include general information, clinical results, side effects, general advice and more.

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Medical News

Our medical news website, Medical News Today, features the latest health news from around the world. Our news is updated hourly to include the latest headlines and drug news.

ICD-9 Search

The ICD-9 search contains definitions of ICD9/ICD9CM codes. These are used to code and classify mortality data from death certificates, morbidity data from the inpatient and outpatient records, physician offices, and most NCHS surveys.

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Medical Equipment & Surgical Instruments

Our medical equipment database contains definitions of over 3,500 medical and surgical devices and instruments.

Other Medical Searches

Other searches featured on MediLexicon include hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, associations, skin conditions, PubMed search and more. Note that some of these searches link to external websites.

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Prescription Drug Areas

Our FDA drug approvals database contains drugs categorised into the following health areas.

MediLexicon has developed over time thanks to the suggestions of our users. If you would like to suggest any additions for our medical dictionary, abbreviations search and other medical searches, please contact us - we would be delighted to hear from you.

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