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EnvironCom opens largest WEEE recycling facility in UK

Greenwise Staff
4th March 2010
A waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) processor has opened the UK’s largest facility able to process and recycle hundreds of different household appliances an hour.

EnvironCom has opened the facility in Grantham, where four separate plants will be able to process and recycle over 100,000 tonnes per annum, or just under 10 per cent of the total household WEEE waste collected in the country.

EnvironCom says the four plants will able to collectively process and recycle more than 100 fridges, 100 TVs and 180 large domestic appliances every hour.

“Our Grantham facility is state-of-the art,” said EnvironCom ceo Joe Quigley. “We’ve invested £10 million in the most advanced technology and equipment to take into account current and future requirements.”

WEEE fastest growing waste stream 
Over 1.2 million tonnes of electrical and electronic waste is produced by UK households every year and is increasing by five per cent each year, making it the fastest growing waste stream in the UK. The problem is compounded because often the waste is shipped and dumped in inadequate facilities in the developing world.

“Our Grantham plant alone has the potential to tackle a significant portion of this growing problem,” said Quigley.

EnviroCom planning to expand WEEE operations across Europe
EnvironCom says it aims to tackle the problem even more by expanding its operations across the UK and in Europe and by partnering up with retailers and producers to take their electrical and electronic equipment waste.

EnvironCom, whose services are used by businesses, local authorities and waste management companies, signed its largest contract recently with electrical goods retail group DSG International. The retailer owns around 650 Curry’s and PC World stores in the UK, as well as and online outlets.

“We now intend to expand our operations across the country and to increase our partnerships with other retailers and producers so we can help tackle even more of the problem," said Quigley.

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