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CGNSED’s 50MM CSP Plant will Start Construction in July

CGNSED’s (China Guangdong Nuclear Solar Energy Development Co., Ltd) 50 MW CSP pilot project using parabolic trough technology in Delingha is reportedly to break ground on July 1st. 
Mr. Han Qinghao, the General Manager of CGNSED, predicted about this project in CSP Focus China 2014 conference this March, that the CSP Project in Delingha would start around July this year and was going to achieve its commercial accomplishment in September, 2016.
On May 28th, CGNSED newly released its proclamation Bidding for 2nd Phase Field- leveled Construction of 2014 CGNSED’s 50 MW CSP Pilot Project in Delingha, including (but not confined to the following): 
1. Field-leveled project construction of the solar field with the area covering 141 hectares. 
2. Facilities establishment including benched platform & revetment and so on.
3. Procurement & installation & construction &foundation of fence with the length of 2550 meters. 
4. Procurement & installation & construction of windproof with the length of 1350 meters in factory. 
5. Construction of flood -proof ditches (walls) with the length of 2480 meters. 
The construction period lasts from July 1st 2014to October 1st 2014 (field-leveled project is required to be accomplished by August 20th).
The deadline and tender opening time for this bidding is at 11:00 am June 19th, 2014. It is estimated that the bidding results would be announced by the end of June at the latest, and the tenders would begin their construction on July 1st. 
CGNSED’s CSP project in Delingha will be the first grand commercial CSP plant under construction in China, which will bring a huge amount of benefit to the whole industry. In spite of the unclear price policy, CGNSED has demonstrated its determination and confidence in the prospect of CSP industry in China, strongly believing that this industry would be supported by favorable incentives and polices regarding electricity prices and so on. The groundbreaking of this project on July 1st will wipe out the gathering clouds and rolling mists, build up the confidence in Chinese CSP industry. 

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