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SIMetrix/SIMPLIS provides the SIMPLIS simulator as well as all features of SIMetrix Classic. It has been developed as part of an ongoing joint venture with our partner company SIMPLIS Technologies based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Power circuit simulation

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS enables engineers to design and simulate switching power electronics systems. It combines accuracy and speed in a full-featured design environment, enabling 10-50x faster simulation than SPICE for power supply designs.

See how SIMPLIS can help you identify errors in your power designs before you implement them.

Key features

  • All features of SIMetrix Classic and uses the same GUI environment including its hierarchical schematic editor and waveform viewer
  • Transient analysis 10-50x faster than SPICE
  • Periodic operating point (POP) analysis. Rapidly locates the steady state operating point of a switching system without having to simulate the startup transient conditions
  • Small signal AC analysis. Unlike SPICE, operates on the full switching model and provides the same result as if making the measurement with transient analysis using a swept frequency generator. In other words, runs a frequency sweep just how you would do this on the bench. No need for error-prone averaged models
  • The Advanced Digital Simulation Library provides a wide variety of digital functions such as counters, ADCs, DACs and much more.
  • SPICE transistor and diode model conversion to SIMPLIS format. Converts SPICE models by running a SPICE simulation to perform parameter extraction.

Who's it for?

  • Power electronics engineers

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Our customers say...

Before SIMPLIS, complete approximation models which simulate all the intricacies of the PWM modulator were so complex as to only be comprehensible to the theoretical leaders in the field.

SIMPLIS completely eliminates the necessity of building PWM approximation models by directly handling the PWM modulator analysis and to an accuracy level essentially unachievable using other programs. Very impressive!

George Dodson, Power Systems Consultant