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Auckland power shock

They already knew prices were going up, but Aucklanders could be hit with even bigger charges.

Injured Berridge hits out

Boxer pulls out of Parker fight night, giving promoters Duco Events a blast - and they hit back.

The problems with Blenheim's KFC

We asked KFC for comment on this story about staffing shortages. They said: ''If your story could be a call for staff we'd really appreciate it''.

Measles - is the end in sight?

The goal remains measles eradication, even as the number of reported cases rises.

Killed by frog, then mummified

Inquest told of ex-NZ resident's grisly murder and burial - believed to be at the hands of his wife.

Bitter boundary battle

Central Auckland villa owner says the neighbour mowed down his trees to make way for a pool.


Seven more charter schools

And a new body will be set up to increase the number of "high quality applicants" setting up the controversial schools.

Jim Jarmusch and Iggy Pop

Gimme Danger: director Jim Jarmusch's film about Iggy Pop and the Stooges premieres at Cannes.

Man can't afford medicine, kills wife

He says he shot his ailing wife, had a cup of coffee and called his daughters to tell them.

Fraudster could be liquidator

Convicted Porirua tax fraudster could be allowed to operate as a liquidator after High Court ruling.

You won't get the latest Android

Chances are the update announced this week won't arrive on your Android phone for some time - if ever.

Do we need to re-think BYO?

OPINION: If we're serious about minimising alcohol abuse, maybe it's time to challenge BYOs.

Jim Jarmusch and Iggy Pop

Gimme Danger: director Jim Jarmusch's film about Iggy Pop and the Stooges premieres at Cannes.

What my suicidal self needed

Memories of waking in an ambulance with my mum holding my hand and the hurt and scared faces of heartbroken people unsure of what to say hurt my heart.

It's hard to speak but she wants to

It's been six weeks since Patrick died and his mum is fighting back tears to tell his story with the hope of helping others.

Fury backs Parker to win

Controversial world champ says "tough and ambitious" Kiwi has skills to beat Carlos Takam and get in the title mix.