There has been a lot of talk lately about new uses for mobile including
instantaneous dating. No longer are people connecting via email profiles
online – but instead they are connecting in real time, and in real life.

One such service, BluePont, allows users to sign up via their website,, and fill out background information about themselves and
what they are looking for in a match and download the software to their
phones. At that point, the software is continuously searching for matches in
the vicinity. When a match is discovered, the user’s phone will alert them
by vibrating or playing music and they are introduced by first names, photos
and some basic information including age and gender. Users typically don’t
see the other person right away, so they can text message to meet right
then, make plans to later or simply "wave" goodbye. It is important to note
that all text messages are exchanged through the BluePont server and users’
phone numbers are never seen.

While the applications have been predominately used by singles looking for
love, the mobile services actually have great implications those looking for
friendships and activity partners as well. In light of this, companies such
as Bluepont are also helping members use their phones to search for others
nearby with similar interests, such as running, climbing, cycling or hiking.

The newest mobile features, such as high speed Internet, keyboards and GPS
or cell tower systems that can pinpoint exact locations make text an ideal
medium for meeting someone new-and countries like Japan have been utilizing
mobile dating for some time now. According to a recent article in the Los
Angeles Times, Americans now send about 75 billion text messages a month.
It’s not surprising that someone would come up with a way to use it to find

If you are an avid runner, walker, biker or climber, chances are you have
often been searching for someone to train with. There is simply nothing
better than finding a great partner to keep you company and push you along
on those long training sessions. But they can be really tough to find,
especially if you are very busy, traveling or new to an area. With these new
mobile services, connecting with someone looking for the same thing in your
area is easy.

As with any new technology, mobile matching is really no different than it’s
traditional counterpart-joining an activity club, meeting someone in the
street, or bumping into a climbing partner at the gym-it just makes the
chances of finding them a heck of a lot better.

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