Columbia Experimental Gravity Group

NEWS: Columbia University invites you to join Columbia LIGO scientists and Astrophysicists on Thursday February 11th at 10:00AM to the New York City summit that will take place at Lerner Hall Roone Arledge Auditorium at Columbia University (NEW LOCATION). Please enter from the Broadway entrance at 115th Street. The New York City event will start with a general introduction to LIGO by experts. This will be followed by the live screening of the update on the LIGO project from Washington DC, and an interpretation by Prof. Szabolcs Marka of Columbia University. Members of the Columbia Experimental Gravity Group will host a local Q&A session and afterwards.


Our mission

GECo is studying the birth and death of cosmic black holes, and other violent cosmic events, through multimessenger astrophysics using gravitational waves. We strongly believe that beyond seeking fundamental discoveries, scientists should also invest in bettering human life here on Earth through utilizing their experience and creativity.


Prof. Szabolcs Márka
Department of Physics 538 W. 120th St.
1024 Pupin
Mail Code 5221
New York, NY 10027

The GECo group gratefully acknowledges the support of the United States National Science Foundation (Awards–0457528, 0757982, 0847182, 0856691, 1208007, and 1404462) and Columbia University in the City of New York, which makes our research possible