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Ethanol, also called ethyl alcohol, is produced bfermenting and distilling biomass. In the fermentation process, sugar and starch molecules are broken down by yeast to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide. Water evaporates in the distillation process, therefore increasing the purity of ethanol.

It is the base of most alcoholic beverages and is used in many pharmaceutical and beauty products. Most significantly, ethanol can be used as a bio-fuel or fuel additive from renewable energy sources. Bio-fuels from renewable sources have recently gained significance as an alternative to finite fossil fuels and a potential solution to ending our dependence on declining natural resources.

Cassava is a great crop for ethanol production because it produces high yields and boasts tremendous starch content, therefore producing high ethanol production per ton. Compared to wheat, corn or sugar cane, cassava ethanol yields amount up to about 200 liters per ton. Agro2 currently produces 500 liters per day of ethanol with 95% purity (or less) under the brand name Mr Yuca.

Agro2’s hybrid processing plant which is currently being constructed (planned to be finished Q1 2013) will produce up to 3,000 liters of ethanol per day which we sell whole sale for bio-fuel and industrial alcohol production. In order to produce ethanol from cassava, we:

  • Grind cassava into cassava chips and mix them with water
  • Convert cassava starch molecules into sugar
  • Ferment and distill our cassava

By hybridizing our production and processing equipment we can streamline our operation, produce high-grade ethanol at low cost and reduce our emissions by taking advantage of waste heat to process materials. Find out more about our hybrid cassava processing plant.

Product Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) made from cassava
Purity 95%, 90%, 85%, 80%
Packaging Available in 1,000 liter bulk containers, 55 gallons drums
Shipment Local sale. We ship to the US and Europe

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is committed to producing ethanol from cassava and food products for domestic consumption and export through the use of sustainable agriculture practices in Veraguas region of the Republic of Panama.

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