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LIFE! Why We Exist… And What We Must Do to Survive gives a fully-consistent philosophy of our existence. Starting with the principles of space and time it explains particle physics, cosmology, and evolution and shows how this understanding can yield concrete, practical and profound insights into the basis of moral feeling, and the meaning and purpose of life.


Understanding Our Perception
Understanding Universal Laws
Why This (And Not Some Other) Matter?
The Principle of Persistence
Understanding Life!
Abstract Concepts
Objective Morality
Life’s Span and Arc

“[LIFE!] is a philosophic work written by a physicist, grounded in rationality and empiricism. … A central assertion is that life exists because it perseveres whereas things that do not persevere tend not to exist. There is something Buddha-like and iron-clad in this utter simplicity that is arresting.

“[Walker's] is an “objective morality” that does not rely on doctrines or authority, but, as he argues, is derivable directly from the way of the universe and the way of life. I believe he is correct in this, and that his book is very much worth reading for this alone.

“Walker writes, “…the totality of material existence…is transitory and conditional… We came from nothing and we will return to nothing. What happens in between has meaning and importance only to the extent that we grant it such meaning and importance.”

Dennis Littrell

“superb… [LIFE] deserves a wide audience… where the individual discussions cohere, greater themes emerge…”

Dr. Chris Shields, Prof. of Philosophy, Oxford University

“the best part about his thesis is that it is neither difficult nor unreadable…thought provoking rather than mind boggling. Serious students can compare his succinct 122 pages to something like the 835 page club of a paperback Critique of Dialectical reason Vol. 1 by Jean-Paul Sartre. Walker’s structurally solid book promises hope and affords time for a gathering desire to think…Satre’s book induces blurred vision and guilt from straining to understand.”

Bob Howdy, PhD.

“the author’s love for all forms of life shines through every page. A gifted teacher, he answers unanswerable questions in a way that is deeply satisfying and uplifting”

Karen Brunson, Editor

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