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International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference : Seattle, US, from 30 March to 2 April 2010

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Fusion energy research

Fusion energy research aims to develop the knowledge base for ITER and its implementation, as a major step towards the creation of safe, sustainable, environmentally responsible, and economically viable prototype reactors, including:

  • Realisation of ITER - site preparation, management, technical and administrative support, construction of equipment and installations and support to the project during construction.
  • R&D; in preparation of ITER operation - physics and technology research to exploit the facilities and resources in the fusion programme, including JET (Joint European Torus) ; assessing specific key technologies, consolidating ITER project choices, and preparing for operation.
  • Technology activities in preparation of DEMO - a 'demonstration' fusion power station
  • R&D; activities for the longer term - further development of improved concepts for magnetic confinement schemes, theory and modeling for understanding of the behavior of fusion plasmas and coordination of Member States' research on inertial confinement.
  • Human resources, education and training in view of the immediate and medium term needs of ITER, and for the further development of fusion.
  • Infrastructures - construction of the international fusion energy research project ITER will be an element of the new research infrastructures with a strong European dimension.
  • Technology transfer process.

Fusion energy research will receive financial support on the basis of procedures set out in:

  • the Contracts of Association, between the Commission and Member States or Associated Countries or entities within those states;
  • the European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA) ;
  • the European joint undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy (F4E)
  • international agreements between Euratom and third countries covering activities in the field of fusion energy research and development, in particular the ITER agreement;
  • any other multilateral agreement concluded between the Community and associated organisations, in particular the Agreement on staff mobility;
  • cost-sharing actions to promote and contribute to fusion energy research in countries where there is no Contract of Association.
  • coordination and support actions to promote and develop human resources, expertise in the field of fusion data bases and materials (Call closed)

In addition, coordination and support actions to promote and develop human resources, expertise in the field of fusion data bases and materials are being undertaken through a call for proposals .

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