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Information and Communication Technologies

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ICT Challenge 2: Cognitive Systems and Robotics

Cognitive Systems and Robotics

Providing the next generations of ICT systems and products with more intelligence will open the door to a wide range of opportunities for ICT-based applications in a range of sectors.

ICT systems - including robot and robotic systems - need to be more robust, context-aware and easy-to-use. Endowing them with advanced learning, cognitive and reasoning capabilities will help facilitate this. Such capabilities should help them adapt to changing situations as well as to user needs and preferences. They should also help them to carry out tasks intelligently with people, and in the service of people, for example as assistants in the workplace, as home companions and servants, or as automatic agents for security. Read more...

This section of the ICTWeb site includes information on:

  • an overview of the workprogramme for Challenge 2 of the ICT research theme;
  • Contact details for further information on participating in this challenge;
  • related research carried out from 2002 to 2006 in the IST activity area of FP6.


Objective Publication date Closure date Budget (M€) Funding schemes Status
1. Robotics, Cognitive Systems & Smart Spaces, Symbiotic Interaction 10/07/2012 15/01/2013 67 IP, STREP Closed
2. Robotics use cases & Accompanying measures 10/07/2012 15/01/2013 23 STREP, CSA Closed
1. Cognitive Systems and Robotics 18/01/2012 17/04/2012 82 IP, STREP, CSA Closed
1. Cognitive Systems and Robotics 28/09/2010 21/01/11 73 IP, STREP, CSA Closed
1. Cognitive Systems and Robotics 24/11/2009 13/04/2010 80 IP, STREP, CSA Closed
1. Cognitive Systems and Robotics 19/11/2008 01/04/2009 73 IP, STREP, NoE Closed
2. Language-Based Interaction 19/11/2008 01/04/2009 26 IP, STREP, NoE Closed
1. Cognitive systems, interaction, robotics 04/12/07 08/04/08 97 CP, NoE, CSA Closed
1. Cognitive systems, interaction, robotics 22/12/06 08/05/07 96 CP, NoE, CSA Closed