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Knowledge Networks

The Government launched the Partnerships for the Future action as part of the Commitment to Science for the Future of Portugal initiative. This involves partnerships with university and S&T institutions of recognised international repute with the goal being to develop innovative projects that effectively contribute towards beefing up scientific and advanced training capacity in Portugal.

The objective of these partnerships is to stimulate national consortia to promote the effective internationalisation of Portuguese higher education institutions, facilitating the supply of international-level programmes and strengthening the recruitment of teaching staff and researchers.

One further objective is to stimulate economic growth through science-based innovation, attracting new talent and higher value-added activities, as well as providing Portuguese technology-based enterprises with access to new markets.

UMIC – The Knowledge Society Agency, IP is taking part in several programmes under the Partnerships for the Future scheme.

The Connecting Portugal action programme (2005-2010) foresees:

  • Setting up thematic Science and Technology networks;
  • Setting up partnerships between the scientific and the business sectors.
  • Stimulating new knowledge areas through European collaboration, promoting international S&T networks, as well as extending Portuguese participation in international community initiative programmes.

Last updated (22/07/2011)