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Digital Content

Conteúdos Digitais - Base de dados Matriznet - Instituto Português de Museus

In accordance with the Connecting Portugal Action Programme, Digital Content projects are intended to develop and make available educational and cultural content, and to pass on information of widespread public interest, chiefly by promoting:

  • The creation of innovative content requiring broadband;
  • The online availability of medical information, information on the environment and the weather and regarding public risks, food safety, epidemics, pollution and others.

The following are examples of outputs and actions to be carried out:

  • Stimulate and extend the availability of content relating to the national museum network;
  • Make available Portuguese cultural content in a digital format and stimulate the development of interactive content in the National Public Libraries Network, including a considerable number of easy-to-use literary works for the handicapped, especially those with visual impairments;
  • Promote the public availability of content in Portuguese, making the current legislation more suitable (namely through the adoption of Creative Commons licenses);
  • Develop a digital cinema network and promote the online connection of video libraries and other audiovisual networks;
  • Promote the availability of music libraries using broadband Internet;
  • Promote broadcasts of cultural events using broadband;
  • Promote availability on the Internet of health care information organised in a systematic way with the support of the medical community, the Portuguese National Health System and Medical Faculties as a means for fostering a culture of healthcare among citizens and providing information and transparency on medical procedures and progress in medical science.

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