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Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC)
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Recognition of ICT Skills

Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) is in charge of coordinating the system for recognising and promoting basic Information Technology (IT) competences, namely by awarding the Basic Information Technology (IT) Skills Diploma, instituted by Decree Law No.140/2001 (text in Portuguese), of 24th April, as an instrument for fighting e-exclusion, consolidating citizenship and promoting social cohesion in the context of the Information Society.

There are currently approximately 800 centres that are registered with UMIC for awarding the Basic IT Skills Diploma, in accordance with the accreditation procedures set out in Directive No.1013/2001, of 21st August.

A Certification of ICT Competences System is currently being prepared which will allow for three levels of competence: basic, intermediate and advanced - corresponding to the ICT skills that are acquired at the end of the 4th year, 9th year and 10th year of schooling respectively, including the level of knowledge acquired from the respective ICT subjects.

The majority of centres awarding the Basic IT Skills Diploma operate in higher education institutions, elementary and secondary schools, Ciência Viva Centres, Internet Spaces and Information Technology Dissemination Centres. These have already issued more than 636,000 diplomas, of which roughly two-thirds have been since the beginning of 2005.

For more information, go to (text in Portuguese).

The Employment and Vocational Training Institute (IEFP) ensures a Recognition, Validation and Certification of Competencies (RVCC) scheme in areas including ICT: Computer Operator, Industrial Electronics Technician, Computer Technician.

The Ministry of Education ensures since 2009 a system of Training and Certification in ICT Skills for teachers of pre-school, and primary and secondary schools, organized in three levels according to the principles of depth, diversification and progressive enlargement of acquired skills and professional contexts of use and integration of ICT (see  Portaria nº 731/2009 (text in Portuguese), of July 7).

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