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Advanced Training in ICT

The Advanced Training in ICT includes post-graduate training at PhD, Postdoctoral and "Executive Masters" level, and reached a considerable number of people, having been greatly enhanced since 2006 by a considerable increase of PhD and Postdoctoral fellowships and by the international partnerships with Carnegie Mellon University, MIT and U. Texas at Austin.

Besides the usual training of PhD and Postdocs driven by a significant number of fellowships awarded each year in ICT areas by the FCT – Science and Technology Foundation, in 2006, Executive Masters and special programs for PhD and Postdoctoral Studies were initiated within Knowledge Networks of specific international partnerships (currently in the programs Carnegie Mellon – Portugal, MIT – Portugal, U. Texas Austin – Portugal) that promoted advanced training in ICT at a very advanced level and in innovative topics. These programs contributed to a significant innovation of advanced training programs in ICT in Portugal, both in what concerns to working methods and to the topics considered.

In particular, the doctoral programmes under the Carnegie Mellon – Portugal Program award dual degrees, simultaneously from a Portuguese University and Carnegie Mellon University. Much of the advanced training under these programmes was connected with R D projects on topics relevant to Future Internet.

The Carnegie Mellon – Portugal Program led to the joining of efforts in Portugal to offer an integrated training curriculum of the different Portuguese faculties of electrical engineering, thus contributing for a doctoral program of national span which exists for the first time in Portugal.

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