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Information of Public Interest

Several actions are in progress to promote the online availability of medical information, information on the environment and the weather and regarding public risks, food safety, epidemics, pollution and others.

Nowadays, many people search for medical information on the Internet. Top quality information exists in other languages, especially in English, but more quality information guaranteed by medicine faculties and scientific institutions needs to be provided in Portuguese.

Furthermore, considerable improvements can be made to the public online availability of data on the environment and weather, i.e. based on information processed by the public institutions working in these areas, including research laboratories, in which broad swathes of the population are evidently interested.

In addition to this, in a global society with increased communication and mobility, more complex forms of interaction mean that mitigation and management of public risk issues, both natural and man-made, take on particular importance. This can be expected to rise in the future. With this in mind, it is crucial that the online availability of information on these issues is encouraged in order to ensure citizens have access to the relevant information so they can deal with this type of situations.

The online availability of information on prevention and health care doubled between 2004 and 2006 (now on 50% of sites), guidelines on what to do in emergency medical situations quadrupled (now on 30% of sites) and the tables with costs of services provided doubled (now on 19% of sites).

To name but a few examples:

Last updated ( 24/10/2011 )