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About RSS e Atom

 - 05/08/2008

RSS – Real Simple Syndication and Atom Syndication are feed formats, i.e., they enable links to the titles of the most recent updates to a given Internet page without the user having to consult this page directly. It is therefore a practical means of accessing updates to a page the user wishes to follow regularly.

Various common browsers enable an RSS and/or Atom reader to be included, as is the case with the most recent versions of the Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and Safari browsers. Other applications that read RSS or Atom can also be obtained on the Internet, which allow more than just the most recent titles provided by browser readers to be stored.

The pages on the Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) site with available feed systems have RSS | Atom links immediately above the page accessibility symbols. To activate the RSS or Atom reader on one of these pages from a browser, simply activate the corresponding link on the page. The formats currently in use on the UMIC site are RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3.

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