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Forum for the Information Society - Future Internet

 - 10/05/2010

Logo of the Portuguese Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) Future Intert activities (IdF – Future Internet, Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC)) On May 10, 2010, at the Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre, Rua da Junqueira 30, Lisbon, between 9:00 and 17:45, the Forum for the Information Society – Internet of the Future will take place (see Forum Program (in Portuguese)). The Forum is open to all interested parties.

The main objective of this Forum, organized by the Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) with the support of Profs. Joao de Barros (Carnegie Mellon – Portugal Program, IT and FEUP) and Rui Aguiar (IT, U. Aveiro), is to get together expertise in strategic areas for the development of Future Internet, a subject on which there has been since 2006 a special national support, in particular within the international partnership programs of Portugal with some of the world leading institutions but also within other programs, to discuss the opportunities opening up in Future Internet technologies, applications and services.

The accelerated convergence of powerful information and communication infrastructures, social networks, interactive services, cyber-physical systems that integrate physical objects in the Internet through sensors and actuators creates new opportunities for research and development, and of economic and social progress which must be decisively taken in concerted fashion with possible partners.

The impacts of the Future Internet will be huge in application areas that include energy management systems, transportation systems, environmental monitoring systems, healthcare systems, strengthened collaborative creativity in science and the arts, working life extension of people. The associated scientific, economic and social opportunities are very important and should be effectively harnessed.

The Future Internet was identified as a priority topic of R&D in ICT by the European Commission, with the publication of so-called "Public-Private- Partnership on the Future Internet", in October 2009 (see the European Commission Communication "A Public-Private-Partnership on the Future Internet"), to which 300 M€ of the 7th Framework Programme of RTD are allocated for the period 2011-2013, and under which a call for projects will open in July of this year.

In this forum some of the key activities underway in Portugal in Future Internet will be presented and there will be a discussion and on the research areas and applications with potential comparative advantage for Portugal, and on the opportunities for collaboration opened to teams of Portuguese scientific institutions and enterprises in projects of the Future Internet.

Vision of the conferences through the FCCN videodiffusion services:

Opening Session on the net-FIT Innovation Network on Future Internet Technologies and Services (in Portuguese)

  • Luís Filipe Barreto, President of the Macao Scientific and Cultural Center
  • Luis Magalhães, President of the Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC)
  • João Sentieiro, President of the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT)
  • José Mariano Gago, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education
  • Rui Aguiar, Institute of Telecommunications (IT) and U. Aveiro

Session on Systems and Architectures: Panel and debate (in Portuguese)
Moderator: José Silva Matos, Delegate to the ICT Committee of the 7FP of the EU, INESC Porto and FEUP

  • Luís Correia, IT and IST-UTL
  • Marília Curado, CISUC and FCTUC
  • Paulo Monteiro, Nokia Siemens Networks
  • Luís Ribeiro, Critical Software
  • Susana Sargento, IT and U. Aveiro
  • Jorge Sá Silva, CISUC and FCTUC
  • Rute Sofia, INESC Porto
  • Fausto Vieira, IT
  • André Oliveira, ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

Session on Applications and Services: panel and debate (in Portuguese)
Moderator: Carlos Salema, Delegate to the ICT Committee of the 7FP of the EU, IT and IST-UTL

  • Augusto Casaca, INESC ID and IST-UTL
  • João Paulo Costeira, ISR Lisboa and IST-UTL
  • Pedro Vala Chagas, Novabase
  • Telma Mota, PT Inovação
  • Teresa Vazão, INESC ID and IST-UTL
  • André Zúquete, IEETA and U. Aveiro
  • Francisco Moura, CCTC and U. Minho

Session on Platforms: Panel and debate, Invites speech, and Synthesis and Closure Session (in Portuguese)
Moderator: Pedro Veiga, President of FCCN and FC-UL

  • João Paulo Barraca, IT and U. Aveiro
  • Luís Caires, CITI and FCT-UNL
  • Michel Ferreira, IT and FCUP
  • Francisco Fontes, PT Inovação
  • António Melo, OutSystems
  • Manuel Ricardo, INESC Porto and FE-UP
  • Pedro Veiga, President of FCCN and FC-UL

Invited Speech:

  • Mário Campolargo, DG INFSO Director of Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures

Synthesis and Closure Session

  • João Barros, Director of the Carnegie Mellon – Portugal Program
  • Paulo Ferrão, Director of the MIT – Portugal Program
  • Luis Magalhães, President of the Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC)

The publication Forum for the Information Society – 1. Future Internet: Development and Opportunities in Future Internet (text in Portuguese)was prepared with the main messages of the debate in the Forum, as compiled by the Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC).

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