Initiative framework

Portugal is among the countries with the lower number of employees in ICT, therefore the employment potential for this area is currently under-exploited.

Considering the urgency to avoid labour scarceness in light of the ICT jobs that will become available in 2020 - there will be 15 thousand vacant positions in Portugal alone, for which it will be difficult to find suitable people - it becomes crucial to increase the supply of ICT professionals in Portugal and contribute towards the development of Portuguese digital economy. The European Union is going through a similar situation, where the European Commission is estimating 900 thousand ICT jobs in 2020 to be filled unless corrective measures are immediately adopted.

Hence, it is important to capitalise on infrastructures and highly qualified human resources in Portugal, in order to create conditions for the country to become an international reference for Digital Employability.

The Strategy and Action Plan for Digital Employability, set on the Portuguese Coalition for Digital Employability, intends to address this matter and contribute towards the accomplishment of the 2020 European Strategy.

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